90. An Heir's Conflict

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As Cristina walked inside, Vincenzo instructed " Why don't you take a seat behind the lunch table..."

She walked to the small table for two and put her tray on the table. she saw him close the door and walk elegantly and handsomely to the table. He sat down and he looked at her " How was your day? Did anyone give you trouble when Tristan captured you?" He seemed quite focused and emphasised on each word. His tone was serious and there was no sign of his thoughtful state in the cafeteria.

Cristina was surprised. He actually sounded concerned " It was fine. No one touched me if that's what you are asking..."

Vincenzo nodded " Good... Lets hope they keep it that way. The boys here are not honourable like the ones you are used to in your old school. Niall calls us feral."

Cristina took a deep breath. It was as easy as breathing to talk to him. She didn't know how he managed it but after all this time he still treated her like how he always did. Like a best friend.

Cristina got curious " Why did you bring me here?"

Vincenzo shrugged " To talk... But have your lunch... Don't let me delay you...." He then put a chips in his mouth and chewed as elegantly as Cristina remembered him always eat.

Cristina asked " About what? What could we talk about? You hardly talked to me yesterday at your house when we were playing chess."

Vincenzo put his hand under his chin and put his elbow on the table as he replied " You are just being Cris...You question me too much... But you know I will tell you everything I wish to disclose to you without you having to ask for it..." He then picked up another chips and chewed silently and slowly as he stared at her.

Cristina could see some part of Vincenzo's father inside him. He was as elegant and effortless as his father. His eyes shouted authority and his voice uttered nothing but the law. She was lost in his eyes as she always was. She got on with eating silently as she kept glancing up at him. He got busy eating too and not looking at her anymore.

As she became impatient she put her knife and fork down " At least tell me this ....Vincenzo ... What's bothering you?"

Vincenzo looked up and smiled weakly. He leaned back in his chair and put his hands on his head. He stared at Cristina and then sighed " Come on.... Is that a trick question? You know what's bothering me..... "

Cristina whispered " Of course .... Letizia .... I am sorry..."

Vincenzo shook his head "I should be sorry.... I failed to protect my girl... I failed to warn her of dangers because I thought I could protect her. I put her in that damn room on the top floor and I never thought she would dare defy me. She made her way past the guards I put around her room by pepper spraying them and she pepper sprayed her way to Tristan's camp and then beat up my sister.... That's what bothering me.... But to add salt to my wounds, Tristan is now in that court room where I should be. He is the testifying sergeant because it would be a conflict of interest if I went in there... I should be the one in there teaching her that she can't touch my sister and get away.... It's Tristan who will teach her and that bothers me.... it bothers me that she thinks this is the end of the world and I know she is lucky my father doesn't take out a gun and shoot her... I know he would never do that in front of my mother.... Well, Letizia owes a thank you to my mother after this... She is lucky but the next time she won't be so lucky and I need to make sure that ... there is no next time. I need to mentor her. I need to teach her all I should have done so already but I can't hurt her like how anyone else would have been if they hurt my sister. That doesn't sit well with my father. I will make sure Letizia knows the rules and will help her get there but my father is not patient and I am worried she may hurt my family and again ... Then what? I need to help her change but ... I don't want her to change. I love her as she is... I love how she is free spirited and doesn't let anyone walk over her..."

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