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baah, humbug ! :D

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hehehe, so bah ! humbug ! :D i didnt plan on uploading but cos its monday and i have no volleyball i decided to chat...and a friend was gonna beat me if i didnt upload cos i promised she'd be on here :P plus imma lazy git, sooo....dont expect to much (x

LightsGoDown is my pimp ! she's is freaking hialrious. she's my sista from a tanned mista! always insulting me.... and if any of you guys saw/read our kik converstaions you'd be pissing yourselfs laughing...i got in trouble cos i burst out laughing in class, when it was quiet.. (x she owns my right girls beware, you piss her off and you get punched in the tit...the right tit to be more exact ;) Russell Howard and Russell Peters are our gods :P we're quoting them...alot :D havent heard of them ?! live under a rock.... she watches animal p0rn !!! :O jokes...not really..yes i am...not xD but its aiight, it takes child line 23 minutes to get here and in that time *indian accent* somebody gonna get a hurt REAL bad....knowing Ella..thats somebody is me (x

xoxoloveu ...GIA MY FRESHY !!! :D we love our indan music, gay i know :P but dont knock it till you try it ;) she loves to me and we have been caught by strangers who either gave us the 'wtf?' look or were laughing their asses off xD  she knows what its like to live in a brown fam she relates xD This freshy is a great laugh!...even if she got her phone taken off her..again, like me :P indian 'rents turning white (':

aiighty, those are my two girlies check them out ! :D El and I have a joint account called BrownandWhite...cos im Brown, she's white..well tanned...get it ? no ? aiight... :P

dont get to excited ! dunno when i'll upload next ! got exams and a huge volleyball tourney coming up :P oh and didnt know what freshy meant ? ask laters :P

peace out home dawgs ;)

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