Chapter Four » Wedding Day

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" I promise you the moon and the stars, and even if i can't reach it. I swear to you my love, I'll try each second. I want to grow old with you, have an army of children. And when we're wrinkling and hairs are  coming out of weird places, I want to be beside you. So I can tease, how the once beautiful Aazeen Shahbaz looks like an old bat, then again. I'll look the same"
Yaseen melodic words rang loudly across my ears. As though he was beside me, grinning like a fool.

I could almost hear his laugh. The way he threw his head back, and the brown of his hair fell loosely on to his face. His eyes, twinkling with mischief.

A smile plastered my features, as the memories of Yaseen played before me. Warming my heart.

" Aazeen.. Do you accept this marriage?" a loud voice spoke. Making me stiffen. Looking up in confusion, I could feel hundreds of eyes on me, as I stared boggled, unsure of my surroundings.

" Zee, say yes" Sumbal seethed beside me. As my gaze landed on Moulana Rafeeq, through my white veil. Seeing the elderly man look at me impatient.

Clearing my throat, I opened my mouth. Feeling warm tears sting my eyes. It was as though someone had punched me in the stomach, as I tried to compose myself. Whispering a soft.

" Yes "

" And I promise, when we have our first child. I'll take you both to Umrah. And then to Hajj, so our child life starts from visiting the birth place of Islam"

" Yes"

" I promise, that I won't ever bring a single tear to your eyes. Even if Khalil and Omar have threatened  me, I promise I'll always make you smile,"

" Yes"

" And lastly my love, I promise. I'll never leave, I'll always be here with you till my last breath."

Yaseen words rang loudly in my ears. Making warm tears, run down on my cheeks. As the large room erupted in to cheers and congratulations.

It was as though, a part of me was gone. As I inhaled sharply, feeling my stomach twist. Beside me, I could feel Ammi embrace me, followed by Gul Jaan.

Even through the large crowd. Never, have I ever felt so lonely. So lost, as I did right now. Looking up through my blurred vision, I could feel my eyes land on the tall muscular man. Sitting opposite me, with a large cream veil in the middle of the room. Separating the woman and men.

As if sensing my gaze. He looked up. The brown of his eyes searching for my face. He wore a traditional Pashtun attire, with white pants and a long top, also known as Shalwar Kameez. A signature black waist coat sported his frame, as his raven hair was styled to the side.

Looking away abruptly. I could hear Sumbal beside me whisper. Saying the men will go out, and soon after so will we. Yet, it felt as though her words were numb to my ears.

I couldn't process anything. I couldn't think straight. Everything was a blur, like an oblivion. Taking everything in.
Time flowed like water as the loud dancing and music died down. The hall we were in fell in to silence and my gaze landed on Gul Jaan walking towards me. A soft smile plastering the woman's features.

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