"Ready?" I asked. She nodded. We grabbed our stuff and took the elevator down. We landed in the loby. We walked to the receptioist desk. Kelsey was working. The kids stood waiting for the blonde to finish.

"Kelsey may I see these kid's applications?"I asked. Kesey nodded and handed them to me. Robie Carr. Mom was Marine Biologist. Simon Winkler. Dad and Mom own a five star hotel a block down. Freddy Banks. Dad's are designers. Caleb Silt. Mom is a chef at the Winkler's hotel. And then there was Maxine. I smiled.

"No more over time huh Kelsey?" I asked. She grinned.

"The newest members get the night shifts and extra hours." She said. I gave her back the applications. I turned to the teens.

"Have fun!" I said while walking out the door with Destiny. We got in my car. Destiny grinned.

"Did you see Maxine's cheeks!" She said. I laughed.

"He sister's nose job is still worse." I said startin the can and pulling out. Destiny had out her phone.








Destiny and walke dback into our penthouse with multiple baggs each. We set them down in the livingroom. We were only suppossed to shop for outfits for tonight but it was hard. We started pulling out dresses. We couldn't decide on just one so we bought them. Destiny held up a red and tanish dress with some tanish flats. That was her outfit for tonight. I pulled out a creamish dress with silver sparkles. I had some cream heels.I wore some gold jewelry. We changed in the living room. Once we were changed we did each others make up and hair. I did a tussled teased hair style for Destiny. She used some sort f devise that got all the friz to not stick up. She let my hair hang in its natural waves. We smiled at ourselves in the mirror. I lookd at the clock. 

"We have fifthteen minutes until we shoul leave." I said. Some on knocked on my door. I opened the the door to see Kenzi. She looked wonderful.

"Hey! Who's ready to party!?" She asked walking in. We still had everything all over the livingroom. Destiny stood and smiled.

"Kenzi! This is my little sister Destiny." I said introducing them. Kenzi was tall. She reminded me of Piper almost. Kenzi had long dark brown hair. Her hair was in a side french twist. She wore a black dress with a red belt and red tiny dots at the end. She wore blck pumps that made her look taller than she already was. Destiny smiled.

"You're the famous Destiny." Kenzi said passing her into the kitchen. I followed.

"You are the Vegan right?" Kenzi asked.

"Vefetarian." Destiny corrected. Kenzi smiled.

"The alvacado dip at Kimberly's party has shrimp in it. It's how her party chef maked it." Kenzi said picking up my phone. She smile.

"You have a sexy text message." She said handing me my phone. I thought it would be trenton. It was Kenzi in the elevator coming up.

"That's sexy." I said. She grinned.

"Let's go! Limo's downstairs." Kenzi said. We took the elevator downstairs. We got in the limo and rode to Kimberly's. 


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