So this is how I feel...

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so this is my second book, it's just going to be poems with a little short story to summarise it in case people don't understand the poems. sorry if the poems are not easy to understand, it's just feelings that i tried to put into rhymed sentences, it's the best i can do... XD

and at the bottom, i will try to put a name of a song that suits the chapter, it's mostly going to be korean songs though because i lovekorean celebs! XD


Going on his way,

He threw my feelings away,

He said he was sorry it has to be this way,

I was too numb to say anything except okay.

I realize I am too short to love, I am weak not tough.

I am too depressed, too tired to get dressed.

I want to go to bed so badly, that I have to cry silently.

My heart is in pieces because of him, and yet he’s still my big gem.

I realize it’s too late; he’s gone the next day.

My heart seems to hurt more and more, the wound is still so raw and raw.

Dreaming about him all night,

Nothing I could do except sigh.

He can never be mine. Again.

I don’t feel fine.

Tired of my life, counting to five,

I should end it,

My life is gone, bit by bit…

I don’t know which way is the best,

Banging my head on a wooden desk?

Going to a vulture’s nest?

Jabbing my heart in front of guests?

There are many ways to end it, the determination inside me is lit.

I should end it; my life is draining, bit by bit…

Why do I keep hearing the words *life is precious*?

I remember, it was her…it was them… my family…

Guess what, I am not going to.

Day by day, I start to feel okay.

I see a beautiful bay, hoping to wash out my sadness of the day.

I start to look around, I don’t feel down. Not anymore.

I laugh, I eat, I forget about him.


A girl called Ice got a text from her boyfriend Fire saying he wants to end their relationship because he couldn’t take her weird and cold personality and attitude anymore. But what he didn’t know was Fire was starting to melt Ice’s closed and frozen heart, making her feel warmth and closeness once more after her parents got killed by a kidnapper.

So Ice disconnected her heart again to everyone around her, even though they were happy she was finally going to be normal and happy again.

For a while, all she was thinking was death and trying to kill herself but then she remembers little bits of memories with her mum and dad, those memories managed to pull her back from the edge.

She starts to enjoy things like swimming and sunsets, she got better.


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