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We are wounded by the words people speak but we die for the ones that were never spoken.


There's a thin line between pleasure and pain-the former gives breath to your soul while the latter robs the very breath out of it. One moment you're at the cliff of pleasure and the next you're falling off it with pain bowing your heart.

Fariya Sikandar wore the latter around her heart like diamonds, the excruciating pain torturing her nerves. The world was losing its colours as her hazel coloured eyes bore holes through the woman who was chatting with her husband, a small smile with pressed lips lifting the corner of her lips.

Fariya's eyes were not wide as she stared at her-they were emotionless, close to losing the sparkle in them that Omer had always loved. But very unlike her eyes, there was a bile of emotion formed in her throat, tears choking the fresh air out of her lungs.


Her heart chanted but her subconscious crossed her arms across her chest and stared at her sympathetically. Her heart, tiring itself in the process of defending her owner, screamed, blocking out all other noises around her.

He'll never do this to you.

Her heart reinforced and this time, its words did get registered in her brain and she gulped down the tears. Fishing our her cell phones from the purse, she averted her eyes from the two of them and dialed Omer's number-the always first number on her call log.

Fariya then looked back at him, not daring to move her eyes towards his ex this time as she hoped for him to pick up her call. But it seems like even the nature wanted to wail for her and she saw with terrified eyes as Omer declined to take up the call after glancing at his phone for one second.

Now, her eyes widened and they not only widened, they soaked with tears of heart wrenching pain. He didn't take her call-a thing he had never done to her before.


Her heart refused to believe it-the mere thought that he would ignore her seemed so unbelievable to even think about, and she called him again. This time she saw him from the side as his eyes narrowed and he picked up his mobile phone from the table and looked at it for a second before answering the call.

"Fariya?" He asked and her heart rejoiced for it heard a faint bit of concern in his voice over the sound of the world crashing down at her.

"Omer." She breathed out his name like a drug, fighting back her tears and gaining control over her broken voice.

"Is everything okay?" He asked and Fariya saw as he rubbed his neck with his fingers-a sign of tension she was well aware of.

"Yes." She lied with much difficulty but how could she tell him otherwise? How could she tell him that her world was crumbling down right before her eyes and she needed his gentle words, his firm assurance, his soothing touch to steady it on its feet?

"Where are you?" She tried to say in every bit of a casual voice she could muster and saw Omer clearly stiffened at his place.

A heavy silence arose between them, a kind which tore her apart, and then it broke over the sound of his lie and the damage her heart endured was irreparable.

"I'm at the office." His voice tried to stay casual too and this time, the dams got broken and heart got shattered as tears started falling in a never ending flow.

"I'll talk to you in home." She said hurriedly with pain cutting through her soul and cut the call before Omer could hear her sniff.

Her heart had finally gone to rest, no longer defending its possessor for her subconscious had won. She then turned her head around to look at them again, the barriers over the tears long destroyed, and saw as Omer said something to her, leaning back on his chair like there was nothing else to do, like his wife's heart wasn't shattering into a million pieces and more.

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