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His nonchalant facade slipped a little when he saw me and I caught a glimpse of shock. But he recovered really quickly and acted like nothing had happened. I wasn't a, what did Mr Andrewson said? Oh a telepath for nothing. I can see everything. Every detail.

'Are we going to go, or just stand around?' Tom said, rolling his eyes at me and I realised they were both waiting for me to walk out of the room and leave with Tom.

Feeling unbelievably embarrassed of myself I quickly stepped out to the corridor and ended up nearly slipping on the smooth wood panel floor but regained my balance just in time.

I could hear Mr Oscar struggling not to laugh at my near face plant, while Tom was not so subtle and let out a funny choke-laugh.

What I wouldn't give to read their minds right now! Not that I could, Mr Oscar blocked me out and I won't understand a word from Tom's mind.

'Let's go.' Tom said, keeping his hands in his pockets and started marching down the corridor. I gave a startled glance at his back, this guy is so weird. Quickly waved goodbye to Mr Oscar I broke into a small run to catch up with Tom.

'Hey, so you are Tom, right?' I said,trying to break the awkward silence between us. Tom just gave me a half glance and I could hear his thoughts, just don't understand a word of it. But it sounded something close to what a crazy girl.

'And you are Abigail Beckett, the new girl.' He replied coolly, taking incredibly large strides making it hard for me to keep in pace.

I had never felt so at loss as to what I should do in a situation like this. I really had relied on my power way too much in my life. I feel so, well, powerless without it.

We walked the rest of our way in silence. With me lost in my own thoughts and god knows what Tom was thinking.

'We are here.' He said, stopping abruptly in a corridor causing me to nearly walked into his back.

'Thank you.' I said, smiling at him. He didn't gave me a smile in return, just shrugged and walked off. I could hear him muttered something under his breath as he walked but I couldn't make out what he was saying. Argh I had never felt so frustrated about a language before!

After standing in the same spot for a while I realised I was suppose to go to the headmaster's room. Feeling more and more like an idiot I hurried towards the headmaster room and knocked on his door.

'Come in.' I heard Mr Andrewson said and I opened the door and entered the room. He was behind his desk doing some paper work. He looked up and smiled when he saw it was me.

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