You run out of things

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I woke up feeling bad cramps in my side. I groaned and got up feeling something just dropped from my womanhood." Shit." I whispered before running to the bathroom.

I quickly looked under the sink where I keep all my pads. Damn it! I ran out! Shit, this will be awkward. I have to ask Gerald to get me some pads. I hesitated a few times before walking out slightly and looked at him.

"Gerald....?" I mumbled. G looked at me," Yeah baby?" " know you love me. Get me some pads. Please?" I gave him a few dollars then ran to the bathroom. I could hear Gerald laugh then walk out.

My face went red with embarrassment as I thought about how awkward that was. After a few minutes, Gerald threw a box of pads in when he cracked the bathroom door open.

"Thanks G!" I said." No problem. I got you something else too." I smiled," Ok I'll come out soon." I quickly did my shit then washed my hands and flushed the toilet.

I walked out then went to the kitchen. G was sitting on the counter looking at his phone. As he heard me walk in, he looked at me." Here babe." He handed me (f/c)=(fave candy),  I smiled.

"Thanks baby! Ya totally understand me!" I gave him a tight hug. Gerald seemed done with life but forced a smile and hugged me tightly back.

I kissed his face all over then he sighed." What's wrong G?" "If you're on your lady's thing, then I can't fuck you." I laughed," You'll get to fuck me later, don't worry."

"I won't wear a condom so you won't get your period and get pregnant!" He said happily." Nah, I don't wanna deal with that shit yet. You can just wear a condom. Even though its completely uncomfortable."

"Damn it." G said. I fixed his leather jacket collar then kissed his cheek." You're so cute. Thanks for the pads." He rolled his eyes playfully," Yeah yeah.." He winked at me.

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