"I'll let you get undressed." With that she disappeared behind the corner leaving me alone with the only sound of running water in the background. I quickly pulled down the dress and stepped into the shower. Nothing felt more amazing when the hot water ran down my back. I could feel the dirt washing away, the marks they left on me. They weren't much, just small bruises but I could feel the fake person they tried so hard to make me wash away down the drain. The things they were trying to hide were coming back to the surface. I watched as the person they wanted me to be disappeared just like it never happened. But the one thing you can't wash away is the scars on the inside. The ones that I can't hide or try to ignore. They will always be there no matter how much I try to block it out. I'm stuck in my own mind of darkness and I fear no one can ever take that away. It only takes a second to reinforce fear but it takes a lifetime to built back up the courage that the fear knocked down.

"You okay in there sweetheart?" I heard Normani's voice and it took me out of my own head and back to reality. "Yeah I'm fine. I'm almost done." With that I rinsed off what was left in my hair and on my body; then turned off the water. I stepped out slowly, wrapping myself in a towel.

"Mani? Do you think you could brush out my hair for me please." Normani came back in and grabbed the comb. "Of course." She brushed out my hair and let it fall down the back. "Your hair is so long. I wish I could rock that." I giggled looking at Normani's shoulder length hair. "But I like your hair like that." She laughed running her fingers through my hair. "So I shouldn't change it then?" I smiled shaking my head. "No keep it like that. It makes you Mani." She put the brush down handing me my clothes. "Alright I'll keep it like this then. Now get changed and we can watch some cartoons before the girls wake up."

I dropped the towel and quickly put the clothes on. It was a pair of black track pants and a white long sleeve shirt. When I was finished I turned the light off and made my way down the hall to the living area. Normani patted the seat beside her and I crawled onto the couch cuddling into her side. We sat there for about an hour, laughing at the stupid cartoon characters and talking about small things, until we heard someone else walk down the hallway.

We both saw Ally slowly make her way over to the couch, yawning. "Good morning." She placed a huge kiss on my forehead before making her way into the kitchen. I watched as she put the coffee pot on then quickly made her way back over towards Normani and I.  "And how long have you two been up for huh?" Her smile grew and I felt my heart swell. I missed Ally's smile. "Not long. I took a shower about an hour ago." I said as Ally slipped down the couch arm falling into me. She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me into her. "You're so warm." She squeezed me and I started to laugh. "There's that laugh I've been longing for." She started to tickle my sides before letting go pulling me into her side. "Am I aloud to cry now?" I looked up and saw she was on the verge of tears. "I'm here if you want to." She laughed but I watched as the tears fell from her eyes. I watched as she tried to wipe them away but more kept coming. "I m-missed you so m-much." I hugged her chest making sure she knew I was here. I felt her body shake and I only felt guilt for making her feel this way.

"You know I really like your cooking." I felt Ally giggle, making me smile. "Do you?" Her sad face had a small smile, so I quickly nodded. "I'm glad. We have some meals to catch up on don't we?" I nodded again snuggling into Ally's embrace. "Why don't we order some room service. You hungry Spence?" Normani asked.

"Kinda." I saw Normani and Ally exchange glances. "How about some pancakes?" My stomach stared to growl and I placed my hand over it. "Yes, please." Ally got up off the couch making her way over to the phone. She ordered pancakes for six with fruit on the side. "They said it should be about 20 minutes. Just enough time to wake up Dinah." All three of us laughed, as we heard another pair of feet walk down the hallway.

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