Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

My death was rather unexpected, to say the least. I had no time to scream, run or defend myself in any way. It perplexed me as to how a healthy, young girl, such as myself, could meet their demise through such an... odd manner.

For some reason, I couldn't consider my death as horrible. It was a rather painless death after all. Of course, we are all expected to die at some point or the other, but no one ever thinks about it. No one ever wonders how they are going to die. And certainly, no one ever expects to be intentionally killed for a crime they didn't commit.

Well, I suppose there are some who are forced to live their lives in paranoia due to their profession, crimes or involvement with others. However, I never did involve myself in such activities. I was a plain, simple girl who was shot, murdered by someone I didn't even know. Questions after questions, with no answers. By this point in time, I'd assume the untimely and unjustified nature of my death would earn some sympathy and some brownie points to Heaven. Not that I'd ever believed in the after-life, but still.

Was death the worst part of my life? Far from it. I'm sure my after-life was a much worse and more strenuous situation.

The actual memory of my death was quite blurred, which I suppose, was quite intentional. The parts that adhered to my memory were quite vague. The town I lived in was far from dangerous, so I'd had no particular fear of walking up to the park that night. Being a care-free girl, brought up in a sheltered family, I hardly noticed my surroundings.

Like I said, it was supposed to be one of the safest towns in the country. I shivered as I tried to recall my actual death.

The bullet had expertly struck my stomach. Not a single passerby was present at that time. But then again, help would have been too late anyways. My eyes tried to catch a glimpse of my shooter, but alas, the blood staining my chestnut hair and red reflecting in my colorless grey eyes were the only vivid memories that still remained. Of course, throughout all my mental rambling, I have yet to understand what exactly happened to me.

"Where on earth am I?" My voice croaked as I asked the same question for the millionth time. Just as the question left my lips, an absurd thought ran through my head; 'This is not earth.' Due to my thorough lack of belief in religion, and God for that matter, my closed-minded brain had yet to understand that I was no longer actually alive.

My eyes bored into the back of the dead person I was following as if I was mentally willing him to answer me. When I had initially woken up I found a skull, bobbling up and down, hovering over my head. Its empty eye sockets had stared into my soul and I did what any girl in my situation would do; I screamed!

Not that you could blame me of course, but the skeleton didn't seem appreciate the noise. It bony hands moved as fast as a snake and went up to cover my mouth. Once I had calmed down, I took in my surroundings. As far as my death was concerned, my mind was still having a hard time comprehending the situation. I suppose, waking up dead wasn't something anybody just expected to happen to them. My mind still urged me to sum this all up as a simple delusion of the mind.

I had woken up on a concrete floor, which was freezing cold, much to my displeasure; the first sign of my supposed death. My eyes scanned the room in order to re-orientate my mind. The walls were painted black and red with no other variations in color. The room was empty save for the skeleton with the bobbling head. I had tried to pinch myself awake, but unfortunately, it seemed as if I was never asleep. So maybe, this wasn't a crazy dream. I still hadn't accepted that thought.

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