Chapter 1 - Moving Day

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"Wake up sweety, it's moving day!" my mom says as she shakes me awake. I'm in a sleeping bag in the empty living room. I'm Emma. A shy, introverted photography-obsessed 16 year old girl. I get up and get dressed in the only clothes I didn't pack. We pack up the rest of our things and say our goodbyes to my childhood home. We stop and get muffins for breakfast. Then it's off to Canada.

The moving trucks follow us the whole way there. The trip takes all day and into the night. We finally get there when the sun is just rising. "We're here!" My mom says. I look out the window to see a Welcome to Pickering sign. We get to our new home. It's really nice. Nicer than our old house. The moving people start bringing in everything. The second they set the couch down I fall asleep on it.

I wake up surrounded by boxes and scattered furniture. I decide to set up my room after lunch.

I wake up and look out the window. There's a moving truck in the driveway of the house next door. That was my best friend's house. I miss him but I'm sure he's having fun in America.

I go downstairs and my mom is baking cookies. "I'll just take that" I say, reaching for a cookie. My mom slaps my hand away. "Those are for the new neighbors. I want you to take them to them after lunch." "Fine" I say. "Idiot" I hear my sister, Aaliyah say from the living room. "Oh, I thought those were for me" My dad says, his mouth full of a cookie. "Manny!" my mom says. "Sorry!" he says, crumbs falling out of his mouth.


Hi everyone! This is my new fan fiction, I hope you like it! I will be posting about twice a week. This one will be better written than my last one. This story has a real plot and way better grammar. Enjoy!

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