Blue Sparrow: Tweets on Writing, Reading, and Other Creative Nonsense

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There are only three things I do. I read. I write. And I fart glitter. 

Run around. Jump. Scream your head off. Be as immature as you can. That's what life is about. And when you're done running, WRITE.

If while writing your novel you decide it's SHIT, don't quit, keep writing till you're done. All 1st drafts are shit by definition.

Letter by letter, word by word, sentence by sentence, page by page. It's that easy to write, and that hard.

Write anything and everything, because it's much better than writing nothing.

I'm weird. On the surface I look quiet and composed, but inside I have a hundred voices raging at full volume.

Write without holding back. Write as if you've grown wings and are flying for the first time. Write like living your last day. Write.

The most important part of writing may be the simple step of not rewriting everything you did the day before, but to keep moving forward.

Writing is an amazing thing. Because paper doesn't tell you to shut up, never ever EVER.

Everything has been said already. But it hasn't been said the way you'd say it. So go ahead. WRITE.

It's hard to walk when your legs are wobbly, but you learned. It's hard to write when your words are wobbly, but you'll learn. 


Does world seem black and white to you? Read books. You will see color.

A poor attempt at writing is better than no attempt at all.

The only way to really learn how to write is by doing it.

Just forget the world and its naysayers. Close the door and write. Let them talk while you're building your future.

If there is a hole inside you, stuff it with books. They will stop the bleeding.

I live on the mountain of my madness, on the very top.

If books aren't magic, then I don't know what is.

If I didn't write, I'd explode in a brilliant shower of literacy sparkles and would be no more.

There are no rules to writing except one. KEEP WRITING.

A writer can't not write. If a writer can't write, a writer will bite.

Writing makes you happy, then keeps you happy, then immortalizes your happiness forever.

To write better dialogue, I turned into an eavesdropper.

The exhilaration from finishing your 1st book compares maybe only to being in love for the 1st time, your heart all aflutter and melting. 

Above all, write. Your story will sell itself.

Writing is breathing life into forgotten memories.

A great book is the one you dive in and swim until there is no air left, but you keep swimming, forgetting air, breathing the story.

Writing is not about winning awards, writing is about winning hearts.

Who is happy sitting alone at home, reading a book, smiling like a lunatic? A WRITER.

A dead crow has pecked out all my thoughts and left my head an empty husk of nonsense.

Why is reading important? Because it gives you a fresh perspective on your own writing.

The only thing I'm sure about is this. I WANT TO KEEP WRITING.

There is no such thing as crazy writing. What's crazy is NOT to write.

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