Chapter Thirty- Five

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Angelique knew retribution would be hers

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Angelique knew retribution would be hers. She was looking for a reckoning for all that had occurred and for all those that she was sent to protect. As she grabbed hold of Danny, there was a blinding light that surrounded them both. Angelique felt herself being pulled away. 

She fought it for an instant. Her moment for justice was at hand, but soon realized the futility of it and gave into the sensation. Gabriel and Michael awaited her on the other side. She was still furious over the events that took place. 

"Why did you bring me back?!"

"You're an angel now," Michael said, stepping forward, "and you should know it is against our code to harm a human, even one as vile as Danny." 

"So, he just gets away with it? He gets to live and destroy the lives of all of those good people? I thought you said God's justice was more exact than that?" she said, pointing an accusing finger at Gabriel, who stood by quietly watching over her.

"What I had told you is God's plan is not always clear and that you have to have faith that all will be well," Gabriel said, looking now at his avenging angel. 

"And what plan would that be? The plan where John dies trying to save me? His guardian! Or is the plan that the church burns down possibly killing one of the kindest and gentlest of men?"

"No?!" she asked when neither of them responded to her ramblings. 

"Maybe, it's the plan where Danny gets away and kills a few more innocent people like Michael, who devotes his life to God Almighty, or Rebecca, a young girl whose life has forced her to lose her innocence way before her time?"

Gabriel leaned into Michael, saying something she couldn't hear, and Michael nodded, leaving the two of them alone.

 "What did you say?" Angelique demanded. 

"I told him I was in charge here and I would deal with you. You are not his concern." 

"Deal with me?" Angelique scoffed in disbelief.

 "All those I love and care for are dying and I have had no choice but to stand aside and watch it happen?! So, what words of wisdom do you have for me? What guidance?" Angelique spat at him. 

Gabriel said nothing. Instead, he gathered Angelique in his embrace. 

"Let go of me!" she fought, but he pulled her closer. 

"Let go of me!" she demanded again, but he refused to let her go. 

As he held fast, she felt her anger slipping away. It became harder and harder to hold on to the hatred that was fueling her tirade. Soon she broke down and wept not for herself, but for those that she could not save.

"Forgive me?" she muttered through her tears.

"There is nothing to forgive," Gabriel said, holding her until he could feel the last of her anger fade away. He then whispered in her ear as he held her close, "You have to go back."

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