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          Arianna had begun to add the mistletoe to the three tubs while Alan had explained to the three teens what the ritual entails

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          Arianna had begun to add the mistletoe to the three tubs while Alan had explained to the three teens what the ritual entails. She didn't listen to the explanation having participated in the ritual on two separate occasions many years ago.

On the first occasion Arianna had been the Anchor for her childhood friend, Louisa, whos husband had been taken by an ancient Darach who had been sacrificing people to expand his own life for centuries. Sadly they had been too late and found Louisa's husbands body two days later along with two other village warriors.

Though they did eventually manage to find and kill the Darach.

On the second occasion she herself had been the sacrifice. Someone had been snatching younger villagers, including her young charge - the Doppelganger Tatia's son. Tatia had died because of Ester turning Arianna and her Siblings into the Original Vampires several year before when Benjamin had been just a baby, Arianna had flead from her parents with the blessings of her siblings to save young Benjamin.

Arianna raised him herself keeping him safe from Mikael who wanted him dead so no more doppelgängers could be born and Niklaus could never break his curse, however, even as recently transitioned vampires the Mikaelson siblings felt the need to protect innocent children. Arianna had been the one to flee with Benjamin because she had retained her ability to use magic as a heretic, so she was the one who could keep him safest - and Mikael wanted Niklaus dead more than Benjamin so separating was the best solution.

Arianna had agreed to be away from her siblings until Benjamin was old enough for her to leave him to live his life.

In a way the siblings blamed themselves for Benjamin's endangered life and they all simply refused to let an innocent toddler die because of something their own mother had done.

So when he was kidnapped less than a decade later Arianna had willingly participated in the ritual less fearing that her stepfather Mikael had found Benjamin. Fortunately, the ritual was been successful and Arianna rescued Benjamin and all of the missing children.

They hadn't been taken by Mikael though.

They'd been taken and bitten by the first Lycien - Arianna hadn't encountered anything like him before and later discovered a witch had been attempting to cure her lover of the werewolf curse.

The failed cure is what created the second species of werewolves, the Lycien.

Though Arianna had only been a vampire for a decade at the time she knew she'd encountered something entirely new when she rescued her young charge and over a dozen other children, even the beastly man himself didn't seem to understand what he was or what he was doing.

Not that it stopped him for continuing to bite all the children he could gather.

During the rescue the beastly man had attacked Arianna and bitten her, Arianna had looked at the wound curiously noticing it quickly healing. She hadn't worried about it though and promptly plunged her first into the mans chest and tore his heart out.

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