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Draco returned to the hospital with Hermione at his side. Hermione's parents were at the house waiting to pick up Livelex from school in just about an hour. The two had visited Trixie several times over the past few months. Hermione had grown attached to the infant and was looking forward to bringing her home. Today was the day.

Draco and Hermione walked hand in hand through the hospital to the nursery. Just as they arrived a nurse greeted them happily.

"She is beautiful your daughter." The nurse spoke as she headed into the room to get her.

Draco smiled as the nurse returned and placed the infant girl in his arms. She was so small. It had been six years since he had last held a baby in his arms. As they headed back down the hall Hermione stopped and a splashing sound could be heard.

"Uh Draco...." Hermione spoke.

Draco was too busy cooing at his daughter to realize that Hermione was no longer beside him. Only when he heard her call his name did he stop. Draco looked to his left before he turned all the way around. Hermione was standing with a puddle of clear liquid at her feet.

"Hermione I think your water broke." Draco spoke.

"No really...." She replied in a smart tone. "It's time." She smiled.

Hermione's smile was short lived as several contractions began rolling through her causing her to falter in pain. Several nurses joined her side and got her into a delivery room. Draco joined her after he got a hospital basinet for Trixie to lay in.

"I'm right here love" Draco said as he took Hermione's hand. "I'm not going anywhere."

Before the delivery itself Draco was in tears as Hermione squeezed his hand terribly hard. It swelled up so bad the doctors wanted to send him in for an xray but Draco declined. He didn't want to leave his wife.

"I think I need to push." Hermione gasped as a contration rolled through her system. "Yeah I definitely need to push." she moaned.

The nurses prepped for the arrival of the baby while the doctor positioned her feet on the stirrups. He patted her leg and nodded his head.

"Okay dearie here comes a contraction push." The doctor said calmly.

Hermione scrunched up her face as she grit her teeth and pushed. A small scream slipped between her lips. Draco quickly brought his hand to her face.

"You are doing good Mione." He whispered.

Hermione took in a deep breath as tears fell down her face and sweat dampened her hair.

"It hurts, I can't do it" Hermione gasped.

"Love you've given birth to three children, you can do this." Draco said

Hermione nodded her head. Slowly another contraction rolled through. Hermione gripped the bed and arched her back. "I feel everything."

"Give me  another big push, you can do this." The doctor spoke again.

Hermione cried as she shook her head from side to side. "I can't do this!" Hermione ended with a shriek as the pain hit her. "I can't do this."

Draco turned Hermione's face to his. "You can do this, you have to."

Hermione glanced into his grey eyes and nodded her head. Taking a huge deep breath she pushed down. A loud long scream filled the room as Hermione began crowning and the baby's head passed. Taking in a breath Hermione began screaming as she pushed passed the shoulders.

A cry was heard and Draco quickly kissed his wife. "I'm so proud of you. He's beautiful. Your so wonderful." He crooned as Hermione relaxed into the bed.

Draco cut the embilicle cord and handed off the baby to go and get his shots. Five minutes later the nurse came back in and handed them their son.

"Can I get his name for the records." The nurse asked.

"Scorpius Draconius Malfoy" Draco said proudly as he placed their son into Hermione's anxious arms.

The nurse nodded her head and walked out of the room. Draco turned to get his daughter who surprisingly slept through the entire birth. She nestled perfectly in his arms.

Hermione looked up from her sons face and smiled. "Let me hold my daughter." She said. Draco smiled as he leaned forward and placed a sleeping Trixie into Hermione's arms.

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