chapter 4- Manservant Alert!

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Opening his eyes, he knew that she might play this kind of game. He shook his head. "Not that way, my dear. Here like this." And in an instant, his lips met hers. She tried to push him away, but soon gave up as his manipulating tongue drove in into her delicate mouth. She tried hard enough to not let him in but his demands were forceful, yet gentle. The soft and warm tongue of his, played around with hers, striking the good spot in her mouth that she might yearn for more. Slowly, Mekaela's body was slipping as the fire in her middle sparked as he, in gentle motions, rubbed her waist with his manly hands. She couldn't push away from him, his lips....they were too delicious.. he stole her first kiss.. him, Tyler Flyzik...

With a heavy breath and a satisfied-yet-lazy expression, Tyler spoke, "Now that's how you do it." He left her breathless, still panting from their kiss. The hunk with the gorgeous emerald eyes wasn't quite done with her, he wanted more but the doorbell rang.


Sudden panic struck the blonde to her veins, making her jump up. "Holy Shit!" her mind screamed. "How could I forget?" she turned around to her accusation, the hunk she was just kissing few seconds ago, He was sitting there satisfied, arms flung on top of the couch. The blush that was spreading through her whole face a few seconds ago, grew more.

She gulped as she saw him coming up to her.

"I'll get the door." Tyler said, walking pass her. "You should make her something for your parents, like drinks." He suggested, flashing a smile. Later stopped walking as he looked at her, up and down at her current attire. "Better yet, change your clothes. I don't think your parents would be fond of seeing you like that." He pointed out.

Mekaela looke down. "!"

"Oh Good Afternoon Mrs. Woldorf and Mr. Woldorf..." the silky black hair man greeted opening the door.

"He's going to pay for this!"  Mekaela screamed in her mind. Her plan failed and he just tried seducing her and she almost fell for it! Thanks to her parents that they push the bell, but that doesn't help in a way! She has to deal with them too! Could her day get any worse?

In a quick flash she went into her room and started changing out of her scandalous clothes.


 "May I ask who are you young man?" A forty-year old brunette woman asked as she saw the most gorgeous young man she ever seen in front of her. Her husband, James, immediately took a dislike on the man in front of him. He felt bad vibes coming from him. "Say, what are you doing in my daughter's apartment? This is room 207, right?" James pointed out.

"James, don't be rude." His wife hissed. "Maybe we got the wrong apartment." And before she could apologize for her husband behavior, Tyler with a smile replied, "It's alright ma'am. And you didn't get her apartment wrong, this is in fact your daughter's apartment." Slowly opening the door and taking a step back, Tyler said, "Welcome."

Both of Mekaela's parents were clueless as they look at the young man in front of them who was just smiling.


"Mom, Dad! I'm glad that you came!" Mekaela greeted with a fake bright smile hugging both of her parents who of course hugged back. "Hi sweetie."

Mekaela's heartbeat jumped when she caught a sight of 'him' behind her parents. "Hey, let me show you the apartment." Before Mekaela could even walk a few centimeters, her dad stopped her. "Say, who is this young man in your apartment?"

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