chapter 4- Manservant Alert!

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"Hey, so who's Scathy? Is she your sister or something?" Tyler asked in a curious tone.

Mekaela's reply didn't come, her thoughts were occupying her clouded mind. "Oh my god, what do I do?! They're coming here!" Mekaela's mind screamed. "What do I do? What do I do?" She turned to look at Tyler. He was still waiting for her reply, which never came.

Without alert, she gaze at him in a dreamy-kinda state, :Hmm..he has gorgeous eyes...I like green...wait, WHAT! I-I don't! Do I? -Uh, well yes, I do, but-" she turned away with a blush on her face. Mekaela mentally hit herself. "That's not the point! FOcus, Mekaela! What do I do with him? I can't let mom and dad know that he lives with me, while Scathy is not here because she's gone with my brother to stupid Hawaii!"

"Hey" Tyler said to her, waving his hand over her face, bringing her back from her thoughts. "Huh?" She said in a surprised tone. "Is something wrong?" she asked confused

His eyebrow rose. "Shouldn't that be my question?" Tyler came so close to her space that her face flushed without her noticing. But Tyler sure did. And somehow he liked it.

"Eh? ...Uh..well, I guess..." she mumbled dumbly as she could think of anything but his close and enticing lips. One touch and I think she might do whatever he wants with her. Anything.

"Uh, wait, what are you thinking?" her conscious hit her harshly. "Ah! No, no, no, Mekaela! Brush that stupid thought away from your mind! He may be nice and kind right now, but this, he's nothing but a perverted scoundrel! Don't fall for his traps!"

Before Mekaela's senses kicked in, even though they had, well sort of, the silky black haired man gave her a smile and moved away from her personal space. "Aren't you happy that you are seeing other people other than me? You must be relieved."

Stunned by his action, Mekaela sighed in relieved "Yah, well you're-" she stopped herself and looked at him. "I didn't mean that."

"It's okay." He brushed it away with a smile. Slowly he took a seat on the edge of the sofa. His dick not paining him much before, when she accidentally knee him. "So, who's this Scathy that you are panicking about?"

Mekaela was taken aback. She quickly replied. "I'm not panicking."

He raised his eyebrow "Oh really?"

She sighed, taking a seat beside him. "Ok, I am a little bit. It's just because that..... Scathy, my childhood friend, she..." With a quick summary, Mekaela finally ended with, "...can you please help me? "

Tyler tapped his chin, thinking. "Hmm..well..."

"I need your help!" she said in one breath. "Please!...I will do anything!"

"...Anything?" He grinned looking at her current attire.

"Tyler! I don't much have time for this! My parents could be here any minute. Now would you-" a finger was pressed on her lips.

"Hey, you said anything." He devilishly smiled. "And to make me help you, a kiss will be enough."

Mekaela cursed inwardly at herself.

"I'm waiting," he said.

Mekaela bit her lips. A slow warm blood flow rushed her face scarlet red. Knowing that she had no choice if she wanted him to help her, she had to kiss him... or she will have to fend herself from her parent's range...

Fighting with her conscious, she finally spoke. "Close your eyes." She demanded, and he did so.

A quick lip-on-lip..wait, that's lip-on-cheek.... "Okay, there you have it." Mekaela said satisfactory, her mind laughing.

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