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I know it's confusing that I was going to Deadly Temptation but I decided to save that for the fifth book and Mariah and Rod are still married and everything.

So here's the fourth book which is now posted with two chapters:

Monie (Moan-ee)


"We all had situationships. Good sex Bad relationships. Had dinner dates had vacation trips. Now the respect is lost, the admiration dips, And all we do is fuck and argue. Yeah that's it, Fuck and argue." - Fabulous

Caesar looked at the black matte Bugatti and licked his lips. It was a beauty but the problem was the price. One million was the price, he knew he had it but he wasn't trying to spend that kind of money.

"Have you decided yet?" The woman spoke from beside him. She flipped her hair back from her eyes before looking at him, her green eyes staring at him like she was trying to figure something out.

"I'll see," He told her before looking back at the car, "I'll be back for it, save it for me."

He gave her a small hug, after all she was his Monie's ex.

She hugged back before pulling back with a smile, "did he say anything about me?"

Caesar smiled, Mya was head over heels in love with Monie who he knew loved her back.

"Hit him up." He told her before walking to his car. He loved seeing his cousin, Monie, happy. Since the age of ten, Monie always had a thing for white girls but Mya acted as black as can be. You give her alcohol, she'd go crazy and he guessed that's what Monie loved about her but being as stupid as Monie could be, he let one argument ruin their relationship.

Caesar pulled out his phone as the words Baby girl flashed across the screen. He hit answer before putting the phone on speaker and driving out of the parking lot and onto the street.

"Wassup, mama?" He asked before the sound of Pleasure's sultry voice filled the car.

"I'm hungry." She spoke.

"What you want?" He asked and took a u-turn, already knowing she wanted Taco Bell.

"Taco Bell, a chicken quesadilla and a Mountain Dew."

"That's all?" he asked as he drove up to the line.


"Alright, I'll be at the crib in a minute."

"It's called a house, Trent." She said, using his nickname.

"Don't act like you don't say it too." He told her and chuckled when she giggled.

"Be safe." She told him.

"I will baby, I love you." he said before the line went dead.

After he put in his order Monie flashed across his screen.

"Wassup?" Caesar asked asked as he waited for the car in front of him to get their food.

"Carla here for you."

"Why?" Caesar asked, he had enough with Carla. He knew her since they were teenagers but now she was trying to take our friendship to the next level. She hadn't told him, but he knew. She was starting to get too clingy. He'd answer her calls and they'd talk for a half an hour or He'd help her and her mother out with some hospital bills since they lived across the street from him.

Every time he walked out the house, she'd be on his porch asking "wanna chill" and his answer would always be "I gotta handle business" or "I'm going to chill with Pleasure."

Which were true.

Carla's face would always drop when she heard Pleasure's name come from his mouth. That's what irritated him, she knew he and Precious had something going on but she still wouldn't fall back. By all means, Caesar considered hisself single but he only fucked with one girl and that was Pleasure.

Pleasure had held him down since they were wet behind the ears. She stayed with him when he was locked up, when he was struggling, and when he learned how to actually play the game right.

"Ion know, nigga but you better come get her ass out my house." Monie muttered.

Caesar could hear Carla shouting at Monie, he sighed.

"Aye, just tell her to leave, tell her I'm with Pleasure."

Caesar pulled up to the window and payed for the food.

"He wit his girl!" he heard Monie say along with a sigh from Carla. He heard the door slam a second later, "You need to control yo hoes for Pleasure catch one of em."

"I don't even fuck with Carla," Caesar told him while grabbing the food and drinks from the lady and driving off, "she thinking all wrong."

"You ain't gone say that when she try to give you some pusśy." Monie laughed as Caesar picked up Pleasure's Mountain Dew and took a sip.

Caesar shook his head and chose another subject, "I saw Mya today."

"Where?" Monie asked, all laughter gone from his voice.

"Her job, nigga. Car dealership."

"She say something bout me?" Monie asked.

"Hit her up." Caesar said, telling him the same thing he told Mya.

"She don't wanna talk to me," Monie sighed, "She changed her number, I called her mom, her brother, her dad. She won't talk to me."

"Damn," Caesar said, "inlove, huh?"


We woke up in the kitchen saying

"How in hell did this shit happen?"

Oh baby, drunk in love we be all night

Last thing I remember is our
Beautiful bodies grinding off in that club

Drunk in love

We be all night, love, love

We be all night, love, love

Pleasure sung as she stood in the shower. Her speakers blasting as she rubbed the strawberry body wash on her body. Her mixed skin covered in soap suds.

She washed the soap off the sponge before rinsing the soap off her body. She heard the front door open as soon as she cut the shower off. She grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her body. She walked downstairs where Caesar stood in the kitchen, eating a soft taco.

Never tired, never tired

I been sippin, that's the only thing that's keeping me on fire, me on fire

Didn't mean to spill that liquor all on my attire

I've been drinking watermelon

I want your body right here, daddy I want you, right now

Can't keep ya eyes off my fatty

Daddy I want you

Pleasure continued to sing the song as it started to fade and Partition came on.

"Damn, you in love with her album." Caesar told her as he turned to look at her. She sat on the counter and opened her thighs so he could walk between them.

"Drop the bass, man the bass, get lower

Radio, say speed it up, I just go slower

High like treble, pumping on them mids

The man ain't ever seen a booty like this

And why do you think you keep my name rollin off the tongue

Cause when you want a smash, I just write another one

I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker

Pleasure all on his mouth like liquor"

Caesar chuckled and handed her the food. He picked her up before walking to the living room. He laid his head on her stomach while she pushed her fingers through his curls and ate.

Soon, Pleasure fell asleep and Caesar's phone beeped.

Monie: meeting at the crib..

He texted a quick "iight" and shook Pleasure awake.

"Baby?" He told her before she opened her eyes slowly, "I got business to handle."

She looked at him with a blank face before pushing him aside and walking to her bedroom.

He followed after her and was about to walk in when she slammed the door in his face. He grabbed the knob before turning it slowly and peeking in, just in case something was about to be threw at him.

Pleasure stood at the mirror, taking the rollers out of her hair. Her black hair falling down her back in curls.

"Why you doing all that?" Caesar asked as she continued to ignore him and picked up her comb, picking the curls. He walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her only to have them pushed back to his sides.

"Don't touch me." She told him before opening her drawer and pulling out a pair of panties and a matching bra to go with the red fabric.

He raised a eyebrow while she dropped her towel and slid her panties up her legs. As soon as they were on completely he pushed her against the wall with a thump. Not too hard but hard enough for her to understand he wanted her attention.

"Trenton, put me down." She said pushing at his shoulders.

"What I tell you about ignoring me?" he asked her while grabbing her ass.

"I said put me down."

"Why you always gotta have a attitude?" Her naked breast were pushed against his chest while his hands trailed south down her skin. She stayed silent as his fingers graze against her trimmed pusśy, "huh?"

Pleasure kept quiet as Caesar slid a finger across her slit that was already dripping wet.

He pushed his lips against hers, his juicy ones rubbing against his. His tongue slid across her bottom lip. She wrapped her arms around his neck, while he picked her up. Her legs wrapping around his waist and his hands grabbing her ašs.

He walked to the bed before dropping her onto it, watching as she bounced. He grabbed her legs before opening them as wide as he could. He sunk to his knees and before Pleasure knew it, his thick lips were wrapped around her clït.

Her fingers instantly went to the head between her legs, grabbing onto the soft curls on his head.

His tongue swirled in circles before sucking so softly that she could barely feel it. He lazily toyed with her sensitive clìt, listening to her whimpers and pleas.

"Daddy!" she screamed to the top of her lungs as he finally pushed a finger in her and added pressure to her clīt.

Her back arched in ecstasy, her mouth wide open, and her eyes squeezed shut. He continued to pleasure her before he stood.

He crawled onto the bed before grabbing her thighs and bringing her puśsy to his lips, her lower half off the bed while her head laid on the soft bed, thrown back in pleasure.

He circled her opening with his tongue before pushing into her tight womb. He pressed his thumb against her clît, still holding her body up successfully.

He continued to fück her with his tongue until she sucked in a breathe, her climax seconds away. He pulled back, pushed two fingers in her, curling it til they pressed against her velvet walls while his lips wrapped around her clit once again.

She screamed his name, it was like music to his ears. He slowly let her body settle against the bed with her eyes clothes, breathing hard. He slid next to her, sucking up her juices from his fingers. She soon fell asleep and he slowly unwrapped his hands from around her and went into the bathroom to wash his hands and freshen up.

He texted Pleasure as soon as he got to Monie's house with a "I'll be back later, love you"


Three out of four men stood in Monie's house, men he was starting to call family. Since Monie and Caesar were teens, they started selling dope, going into a team with Monie's brother that soon got snitched on. Luckily, Monie and Caesar weren't mentioned to the police.

Monie had a uncle, D. While in jail, D hooked him and Monie up with his team. The older men looked at Caesar and Monie like little brothers now, in the past ten months they all got close. Including their women and Pleasure, even though Pleasure wasn't his girl.

"You late." Suan spoke up, a disapproving but playful grin on his face.

"Y'all ready to get to business." Zane asked as he walked in with a bottle of fanta in his hand.

They all nodded, taking a seat in Monie's living room.

"D been sounding sneaky." Rod spoke up, "I don't know bout y'all but every time he call he got a different story to what's going on with shipping."

They had all these codes set up so they could talk about the drug pick ups with D, without the FEDs understanding.

Monie looked at Rod sideways before chuckling, "My uncle ain't no snitch."

"Who said he was a snitch?" Rod raised a eyebrow, "I said he always switching up his stories."

"He told me Pete got the list mixed up and ordered the wrong stuff. He getting it ready as we speak, then we can go get it." Monie spoke.

"He told me that same shit last week." Terrence said, shaking his head.

"You either can get your feelings hurt or you can listen and walk around with some knowledge on what's going on, youngin?" Suan spoke up before turning to Caesar, "you straight, right?"

Caesar nodded, "I ain't trying to walk around blind and get hurt."

Monie glanced at Caesar before turning back to the four men in front of him, "I'm with it."

By the time the meeting was done, Caesar was too tired to even think about Pleasure and went straight to his apartment.


Pleasure sat down her fourth glass of wine before sighing and wrapping her robe around her, covering the black lingerie she had wore for Caesar had once again, put the drug game first.

She dragged her acrylic nails up the stair rails and sighed once she made it to her room. Caesar was always on her mind and they weren't even together. He told her they weren't together.

She was tired of staying up late, thinking he would pop up. She was so stupid, always hoping. He never showed up when he say he would, she didn't why she believed he would this time. She had always bought some new lingerie to wear for Caesar when he claimed he would stay over, only to have them put to waste.

She groaned when her phone rung, it was no hope in thinking it was Caesar but she still had little butterflies in her stomach thinking maybe, just maybe, it could be him.

The phone cut off before she could answer it. She grabbed it off her dresser before looking at her lock screen which was covered with "Misses Call from Champy."

She slid the notification and pressed speaker while the phone began to ring and Champy's loud voice filled her bedroom.

"I done called your ass fifty damn times." Champy fussed.

When her and Champy first met, she thought Champy would be the one she didn't get along with. Champy just seemed too loud for a person like her but soon she got to actually see Chanpy's personality. She was the funniest and craziest person she knew.

"My phone was dead." She lied.

"Mhmm,"Champy grinned before taking a sip of whatever she was drinking.

"How's my babies?" She asked, referring to Zakari, ZJ, and Zaniah.

"They been asking about you," their was silence before Champy spoke again, "now, tell me why I hear you and Caesar were never in a relationship."

"I don't know." Pleasure sighed.

"Is he married? If he is, girl you know I got you, I'll slice and dice." Champy said, Pleasure could already hear her jumping up.

"Champagne, if you don't sit yo asś down." Pleasure chuckled as Zane voice filled the background.

"Get that damn dog away from me," Champy fussed before she turned her attention back on Pleasure, "so is he married."

Pleasure bust out laughing, "he bet not be."II

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