Not an update, but please read.

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Hello my lovelies!

I'm sorry if this makes you happy and then sad because it's not an actual update, no worries though I'll be posting an update tomorrow or Monday! I've gotten a lot of writing in, and I'm so proud because I'm ahead of myself..something that hasn't happened since I first started writing Labeled. I am so excited and elated with how far the story has come, I really hope to finish it by the end of the year. You are to thank for that, the massive support gives me the motivation to keep going. There's still some story left to go yet, so I hope you're okay with a big book!

Let me tell you all the other stories popping up in my head as well, I have little notes everywhere. My best ideas come when I'm driving, odd, I know. But I think of things at work, and I'll grab a little piece of paper and jot down ideas..I have notebooks and I'm writing things down, details and plot ideas. I so badly want to start post these stories but I NEED to finish Labeled. I don't want to get sidetracked(a really bad habit of mine). But I'm so excited to start these projects as well! I may try my hand at doing two stories, but I don't know yet because I already know the story coming after Labeled. I have the cover in my head already, and I'll give you one detail; it's called Jaded

Anywho, onto the real reason of this non-update. A dear reader pointed something out to me, and I thought, 'huh, maybe others are having this issue too.' Reading from multiple devices, and going between Wattpad and other areas may have you lose your place within the story since my chapters are by name. I guess it all depends on the reader. So I've decided to give my chapters titles instead of names, who's POV will be learned when opening the chapter. Does that make sense? I was just going to make the changes, but then I thought many of you would be like 'whoa, what!?' UPDATE: They're all officially changed.

I also wanted opinions on Images and GIF's within the story. I've been reading a few stories that have done this and I kind of enjoy it. I wouldn't go crazy, but I guess I wanted your opinion on them..would you like to see them in Labeled? If I get a lot of no's I won't do it..but I do make collages that I put at the top..they're usually added after the chapter is posted though, because I'm a slacker like that.

I hope everyone enjoy's their Saturday! I put up  holiday decorations outside since it's so nice out right now and I just ordered some more things from Amazon. YAY!

This was me:

This was me:

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