This is a one shot story from my fanfiction works.


Unexpected Surprise:

Ginny was clutching her cloak as close as possible towards her body in a vain attempt of exiling the morning chill from reaching her body; it was almost dawn with the wisps of light just appearing behind the sea green hills. She could have apparated to Hermione and Ron's place but she knew the walk would help her clear through her chaotic thoughts after this morning’s discoveries. She would have preferred to go to Luna but since she was half way around the world on her honeymoon with Draco, Ginny decided it best not to bother her.

Ginny was so absorbed in trying to figure out what to do when she realized the coble stones of her brother's home was under her feet. Well here we go she thought as she reached for the knocker, Hermione's sleepy face greeted her as the door swung open.

"Merlin... Ginny you look frozen to the bone come in , did you walk all the way here?"

Ginny followed her through the house towards the kitchen. Seating herself at the table and looked up to see Hermione staring at her with a worried expression

"Hermione I just needed fresh air a bit of morning mist wont do me in" she said in as light a tone as she could have managed.

Hermione moved towards the stove to busy herself in making tea turning slightly to face Ginny "So what on earth are you doing walking around at the crack of dawn",

"Well I needed to think...and talk to you, I'm sorry about bothering you so early but I really am in a semi state of panic" Ginny smiled timidly and looked at the clock on the wall noticing it was almost 7am.

Hermione looked a bit shocked at her sister in-laws answer but covered it up "Gin don't be silly you know I'm always available if you need me to be, plus you did not disturbed me I was finishing up my charms research for work"

Placing a tray with tea on the table and then whipping her wand out she muttered a incantation and bowls plus numerous ingredients were flying about busying itself with making breakfast.

After seating herself opposite Ginny, she smiled and could see a wave of turmoil building in her sister in-laws eyes reaching over she touched her hand "Gin what's happened I'm sure once you talk about it, it will not seem so bad" before Hermione new what was happening Ginny's eyes began to overflow with tears caught off guard Hermione jumped up and rushed to her side with one arm around Ginny's shoulders.

"What's happen Gin?"

Ginny tried to get her emotions under control but the blasted hormones were not giving in "I'm sniff pregnant"

This time Hermione could not stop the shock from showing "Congratulations... does Blaise know yet?"

Ginny reached for the roller towel "N-no".

Hermione stood up and moved back to her seat confusion and puzzlement showing on her face

"Ginny I'm not sure I understand why you upset, you and Blaise are engaged and very much in love so what's wrong -this is a good thing right?".

Ginny looked over towards the window emotions finally under control "I don't think this will please him... I mean when I brought up the subject of kids he seemed distant and mentioned that it was not something he wanted to discuss",

"Well men normally get a bit freaked out with that sort of subjects Gin maybe it will be a shock initially but I'm sure he'll be over the moon, you should tell him".