Chapter 7: Week of Wonders

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This chapter is formatted like a four day itinerary, since it's a sort of "exchange"/travel trip - the first day is the longest though haha. Hoping that I'm not speeding through it too fast, but I thought this format would be convenient and it would be able to show all the highlights of Matt and Hailey's outings together! :)

Chapter shoutouts to: humanliesProjectProudWritersAngelsOfThePastDarrenDean1,   - for all for being so supportive and kind :))



Sunlight streams in the next morning, casting a warm glow inside the tent.

I wake up with a groggy yawn and feel the mattress dip down to one side as Matt plops down, his body heat radiating against my torso.

"Morning," he murmurs. "Ready to go?"

I sit up, still wrapped like a cocoon in my sleeping bag, and raise an eyebrow. He's already dressed in a palm tree printed tank and swim trunks, and looks at me innocently, raking a hand through his already tousled brown locks.

"I'm up, give me ten minutes?" I swing my legs over the mattress, as Matt obliges and steps out of the tent. "I'm guessing we're going to the beach?"

"Yup," Matt confirms, bobbing his head. He's taken to sitting on the grass to the side of the tent, sunlight casting the faint outline of his silhouette against the yellow sheet.

I change into a teal two-piece swimsuit, before slipping a loose tee and denim shorts over top.

"Inspired by Finding Dory?" I tease. We had watched the animated movie at midnight last night, upon my pouting and insistence.

"Totally," he chuckles. "Man you really roped me in into that one, we probably should have slept."

"But you said you don't watch animated movies," I point out, before adding matter-of-factly, "I had to convert you."

"Good thing I had all that sugar in my blood to keep me awake."

"Augh, I have a sugar hangover now," I groan, recalling the seemingly endless supply of sour gummy worms. I toss a pair of sunglasses into a tote bag, along with sunblock and a towel. Checking my phone, I notice two new messages from Emma and after a few moments of thought, I turn it to silent and chuck it into a pocket.

"And yet you still fell asleep in the middle of watching the stars. I had to carry you to your tent. In pitch black too."

"Yeah, I mean it was dark," I protest. "And I was a little tired."

"From watching Finding Dory right?"

I step out of the tent, bag in hand, to find Matt tilting his head upwards at me with an eyebrow cocked. Swatting at him in response, he stands up and heads towards the backyard gate. I catch up to him and take a few strides ahead, before replying over my shoulder with a cheeky grin:

"No, of you."


One hour and a playlist of Disney songs later, an expanse of pale sand and glittering green sea enters our sights. Matt unloads the trunk and we find a secluded spot to lay towels down.

"It's so gosh darn beautiful," I say, taking in a deep breath and admiring the view. "I can smell the salt in the air." 

"I brought pasta, maybe that's why," Matt deadpans, passing over a container and cutlery. 

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