ღ Awake ღ

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In case you have yet to notice I have pulled 'Just Breathe' I'm going to modify it to suit my standards and re-release it, probably somewhere near the end of this story. This one will not be pulled, it has gone above and beyond my expectations for myself. I hope you guys enjoy and please let me know what you think. Thanks for your patience and reading as always! Rate?/Comment? Love!

 Thanks for your patience and reading as always! Rate?/Comment? Love!

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ღ Awake ღ

Severus Snape's eyes flicked open to find he was not nearly as dead as he'd expected to be. Unless of course they had Hogwarts, and hospital wings in the afterlife.

Which he highly doubted.

He tried to move his head but his neck ached too badly and he groaned. His mouth was dry.

Why was he alive? The snake had killed him, the Dark Lord had made more than certain he would die.

The Dark Lord! What had happened, were others alive? Had they won!?

His mind was reeling when he was brought back to reality by cool hands on his forehead.

"Your fever is going down, I thought we'd never see you awake again." The presumed owner of the voice stepped further into a view and Severus stared up at the girl with narrowed eyes.

"What are you doing Granger?" He sneered and she gave him a soft smile. It caught him off guard, he didn't expect that.

"Try not to put too much effort into hating me, okay? You need all of your strength for getting well."

"Why aren't I dead?" He grunted, clearly annoyed with his current status of 'alive'.

"I wondered the same thing mate." He heard a grumble from the foot of the bed. The voice immediately recognizable as Ron Weasley.

"Ronald!" Granger scolded and her head whipped back to him, bushy brown hair heavy with dirt. How long had he been out? Couldn't be too long if she was still filthy.
"That was unnecessary. I told you if you cannot be nice then you can just go tend to your brothers with your mother and Ginny. I don't need you here hovering over me." She snapped and turned back to Snape. Ron grumbled but could be heard sitting back in his chair and his movement ceased.

Didn't trust the old git with his Hermione, even when he was incapacitated.

"How are you feeling sir? Can you tell me where you hurt?"

"I believe Granger, that is a simple answer, everywhere. Now, why-am-I-alive?" He bit out the words, annoyed.

"I wondered the same thing, Professor, we returned for your body and found you still had a heartbeat. Remarkable, the snake should have killed you. Harry insisted we give you a hero's burial but apparently you will be receiving a hero's welcome instead." She smiled that soft smile at him and pulled the covers up over him higher, tending to him as if she were his nursemaid.

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