[2] Shall We?

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"Just Ellie?"

She could see him eyeing her sceptically. Hopefully he would accept that. She didn't want to start all over again with another guy. There was no other guy she would want to go home with, and definitely no other guy she would want to see naked. With 99% of men in this room that couldn't be a pretty sight.

With Brian.. it would be okay. It wouldn't be the best sex she ever had, but it also hopefully wasn't going to be terrible. In any case, she didn't want to stay in this bar much longer than she had to. She tried not to back down under his piercing stare and nodded.


He kept staring at her, squinting a little as if he had to think hard about what he just heard. Ellie kept meeting his eyes, not intimidated by his stare. They were in a public place after all. Eventually he nodded slowly.

"Alright, Just Ellie. So do you like the beer then?"

Ellie let out a relieved sigh and nodded, licking her lips a little. He seemed to have accepted the fact that 'Ellie' was all he was going to get out of her. Good. Then they could continue their quest of the evening. She wasn't sure if he was aware of what that was yet, but she was sure he would know very soon.

"I do like it, you have a good taste as it seems."

He smiled and slowly pushed himself off the bar counter, nearly tipping over in the opposite direction because he pushed a little too hard. He caught himself with a shocked expression, making Ellie laugh softly. He definitely wasn't like her usual choices, he was special, but not in a bad way. Which surprised her.

He managed to break a little through her shell. That was a first, and she wasn't sure it was good. She would have to be careful. After all he was just another guy. A guy who had to fulfill only one purpose for her. As long as he could get it up that shouldn't be a problem.

"I do, I am talking to you after all, aren't I?" He had a cheeky smirk on his face and walked over to Ellie, standing right in front of her. She smiled and nodded, slowly getting the feeling that he was exactly after the same thing as she was - a fun night.

"Yes, that's right, you are. And I hope that soon we'll be doing much more than just talking.."

She winked at him before she took another sip of her Guinness. In her opinion the best strategy was to not be shy about it and let the guys know straight away what her goal was. So far she hadn't met a guy who had preferred hidden clues over the blunt truth.

And apparently this guy was no different. He giggled sillily, obviously caused by the alcohol in his body. Ellie thought it was a bit overly silly, almost girly, but she didn't want to hold that against him, because after all she had a goal in mind.

"Oh I do hope the same," he managed between giggles and again leaned against the counter, his arms almost giving in under his weight.

Again probably an effect of the alcohol, after all he couldn't have weighed much more than Ellie. This wasn't something she normally did but she moved a little closer to him. Hopefully that would keep him from risking to lose his balance again. After all she would be right in his reach so he wouldn't have to move his lanky and apparently slightly uncoordinated body too much.

Ellie was still slightly sceptical. What if he couldn't get it up in the end? So far he hadn't really been able to keep himself up properly and Ellie could only hope that wasn't an indication of what was going to happen in the bedroom later that night. Only time would tell though.

She kept looking at him, partly wondering what exactly his moves were. So far he hadn't done a lot to convince her to go home with him. Actually he had barely done anything at all. He hadn't complimented her, or touched her, or.. any of that. He had hardly said anything meaningful. Of course he had saved her from the creepy guy, but.. that was it really when it came to meaningful things.

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