That night, Emma made a phone call to Tyler. Asking for Masons number. Tyler had hesitated but gave it to her.

Mason was surprised when Emma called.

"Who gave you this number?" he had accused, when Emma had sarcastically retrieved the other end.

"Oh you know. My best friend, who happens to be your nephew." Emma smirked, wishing to see his face.

"Well if there was a reason you called, explain now or I shall be going." Mason pushed.

"Alright alright. Maybe I wasn't looking for a civil conversation." Emma stated rolling her eyes, "Meet me at my place. I'm sure you can sniff me out."

"How can I trust you?"

"You have my word that I *wont* kill you."

Mason sighed, "I'll be there in ten."

Emma smiled wildly, hanging up that instant. She just sat on the lounge room floor, waiting.

A few minutes later, there was knocking on her door. She was to comfortable to get up.

"Is your name Mason Lockwood?" she yelled from her place.

"What do you think?" Mason's voice replied.

Emma smirked, "Come in if you must." Emma pretended to be disappointed.

"You do realize, you were the one who wanted to speak to me right?!"

Emma smirked, "Sniff me out?"

"Actually no. I tracked the smell of rotten pineapple." Mason screwed up his nose.

"Crap. Cartiah." Emma smacked herself in the fore head, remembering that Marni had given it to her as a present. "I do spend allot of time at Damons." Emma mumbled.

Mason rose an eyebrow, "So you think we could get on with this?"

Emma nodded about to proceed when Mason cut her off, "in seats."

Emma moaned, hobbling her way to the living room and taking a seat. "Why do you want the moonstone?"

"I don't." Mason stated directly.

"Why do you want the moonstone?" Emma asked again.

"Katherine." Mason then answered.

"Ahhh, and why would she want it? It's your curse."

"I dont know."

Emma was getting sick of his games. "Why does Katherine want it?"

"I dont know." he replied again.

Emma jumped up, throwing him into the wall by his neck.

"Why?" Emma's pupils largened then shrunk. She wasn't expecting that.

"I dont know."

Emma sighed, letting him go to fall onto the ground.

"How did you do that?" Mason coughed, indicating her compulsion.

"I'm an Alyrus, what did you expect?" Emma walked back and sat down. "Where is it?"

"I can't tell you." Mason defended.

"And why would that be?" Emma found a knife left sitting on the bench and twirled it in her fingers. Hoping it was intimidating him.

"Katherine will kill me." Mason answered.

"I'll kill you."

"But I love her."

Emma's eyes bulged, "Ha love Katherine? What is with this chick? Is she perfect or something?"

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