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Table of Contents (star* = personal favorites/must reads)

Chapter 1 - Homecoming Dance (Jean x Mikasa)

Chapter 2 - You Deserve Better (Levi x Mikasa x Eren)

Chapter 3 - I'm Only Yours (Ymir x Christa)

*Chapter 4 - I'd Loaf to Go (Jean x Sasha)

*Chapter 5 - Friend Zoned (Connie x Sasha)

Chapter 6 - Secret Admirer (Armin x Annie)

Chapter 7 - School Fight (Annie vs. Mikasa)

*Chapter 8 - First Kiss (Eren x Mikasa)

**Chapter 9 - Marco (Jean x Marco)

Chapter 10 - Long Distance (Ymir x Christa)

Chapter 11 - Infatuated (Armin x Annie)

Chapter 12 - My Girlfriend (Eren x Mikasa)

Chapter 13 - Jealous (Levi x Mikasa)

*Chapter 14 - Happy Sad New Year (Levi x Mikasa)

Chapter 15 - Comfort (Levi x Petra)

Chapter 16 - Truth (Levi x Petra)

Chapter 17 -  Truly Happy (Levi x Petra)

**Chapter 18 - Levi's One Sided Love (Levi x Petra)

*Chapter 19 - Liar (Mikasa x Eren)

Disclaimer and Important Information

All these stories are from our comedy and roleplay Instagram @MikasaAckermann. This is an alternate universe (AU) of the anime/manga hit "Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan". We disclaim the ownership of these characters. The owner of the characters is Isayama Hajime, the author and illustrator of SNK. Nor do we own the pictures included in the fan fictions. We will give creds to any artist if we know who the artist may be. Please do not plagiarize our fan fiction..

All of the fan fictions are made from our very own thoughts, ideas, and imagination. All our edits on the fan art is also ours as well. Any means of similar places, people, stories, or anything of the sorts is entirely coincidental. We apologize before-hand that we are not the most grammatically correct, literate, and advanced at writing (to be honest we both failed english LOL), but these fan fictions are to express our "creative" ideas that we would like to share with you all! We focus more on telling the story than writing beautiful poetic literature. Gomenasai.

We recommend that our readers have seen the anime "Attack on Titan" or have read the Manga "Shingeki no Kyojin." The characters are briefly introduced and we assume you already know the characters before-hand.

There is no certain order you should read the fan fictions/chapters. If there is a story required to read before reading a certain chapter, it will say what you are required to read and what you can read for a better understanding. The "Recommend Reading First" will be located in the beginning of some chapters. It will say what's required and optional.

The fan fiction pairings are based on voting posts on our instagram @MikasaAckermann. Ocassionally, we make posts asking our followers what they would like to see in our next fanfiction. Sadly we have three rules. We cannot do Yaoi (male homosexual pairings), we cannot create SMUT (Sexual Content) fan fictions (but maybe in the future), and we cannot make odd and unusual pairings such as a mother and a son or a dog and a human.

If you have a ship that you would like, send me a message or leave a comment on any chapter and we'll see what we can do!

All stories are from our comedy and roleplay Instagram @MikasaAckermann

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