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The doctors were able to revive Whitney and she was placed in the Intensive care unit. Draco sat by every minute of the day for the past two weeks watching the monitor. Those steady rythms were the difference between the life or death of his daughter. At the top of the hour the doctor came in to check her vitals. Draco took this as an opportunity to gain the information he felt he was lacking.

"What's made her so sick?" Draco asked.

The doctor wrote something on his clip board before he turned to acknowledge Draco. "Your wife was in the psych ward and decided she was going to try and commit suicide by drinking chemicals."

"What about the baby?"

"We have no idea what the effects will do to the baby only time will tell. Though I want you to be aware that if she goes into cardiact arrest one more time we will be forced to birth your baby. Everytime this happens it harms the growing fetus. We are doing all we can to save both lives so we are trying to keep your daughter in the womb as long as possible."

Draco nodded his head, his eyes moving to back to Whitney. "Did she say why she tried to kill herself?"

The doctor flipped through the pages before he found the one he needed. "It was written here that she and her husband are going through a divorce." The doctor looked up at Draco.

"She isn't married...."

"Your not the husband?" Draco shook his head. "I'm the father of the child she is carrying and that is it."

The doctor nodded his head. "Ahh I see. Well I wish the best for you and your child." The doctor left the room muttering something about men these days driving women to take their lives.

Draco sank into his thoughts. So his memory charm didn't work out as well as he thought. This was his fault. If his daughter died her blood would be on his hands. Draco began crying as he placed his hand on Whitney's stomach.

"I love you please know I never meant any harm at all."

"I can't believe you" Hermione said as she walked in on the scene.

Draco got to his feet before he crossed the room and took his wifes hands into his own.

"Hermione you don't understand I need to be here for her."

Hermione yanked her hand out of Draco's grasp. "You sicken me. I can't believe this. That woman ruined our lives and you are saying you need to be here for her."

"Please let me explain Hermione." Draco said as he walked forward.

Hermione pushed him back before she retreated a few steps. "Don't touch me you unbelievable bastard. I've been through so much-" Hermione began through tears. "-So much since you've been gone. I took care of your house and your kids and even buried our son. I've sacraficed everything for you Draco and what do I get back except a slap to the face." 

Whitney opened her eyes for the first time since she had been admitted. Her eyes searched the room until she saw Draco and Hermione.

"Who are you?" She whispered in a hoarse voice.

"Who am I?" Hermione growled as she advanced on the bed ridden Whitney. "Who am I you ask. I'm this mans wife who you had an affair with. We have a child on the way and two girls at home. Just the past month we burried our only son who he wasn't able to spend his last moment with because of you."

Hermione seethed as she stared at the woman before her. She wanted to make her feel the pain she went through. The heart break, the dead feeling she felt inside. She wanted Whitney to feel everything.

"I'm sorry for everything you've been through but I don't know either of you. I think you have the wrong woman."

"I think I'd recognize the woman who single handedly ruined my family. You are nothing but a home wrecker!" Hermione shrieked.

"If you were a good enough wife to your husband he would never have left you. I don't know who you are but I do know that a woman only has herself to blame when her man leaves her. Its obvious that you weren't making him happy enough." Whitney finished.

"You stupid little bitch." Hermione took the last few steps that seperated them and slapped Whitney across her face before she gave her a right hook that rendered Whitney unconscious. Draco jumped forward and pulled Hermione off of her as she went into a frenzy.

"Are you trying to get yourself arrested! You need to go home, I'll see you in a bit." Draco said as he moved her towards the door.

Hermione shook him off before opening the door. "Don't bother coming home." she growled before she left.

Draco stared after her before he turned to the woman in the hospital bed. Slowly he slumped over to the chair where he sat down to resume the state he was in. Taking out his pocket watch he opened it to reveal a picture of Hermione. He brushed his finger acrossed it and smiled.

"Forgive me"  

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