Chapter Three » Ammar Khan

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The lights were bright. Covering each wall. Shinning brightly against the dark; illuminating each corner.

A warm breeze, with a hint of coldness drifted past. Making cold shivers run down my spine. Inching forward, I gripped against the Charpoy bed. Feeling my heart heavy.

Inhaling sharply. The shaky of my hands reached towards my cold cheeks. Feeling them flinch at the contact slightly.

Everything felt numb. As though, there was no colour to anything. Yet, it felt as though. I was the only one feeling of such caged emotions. As my hesitant gaze reached towards Sumbal. Seeing her laugh alongside Saif, who seemed to disclose ridiculous jokes. That made no sense of humour. If omar was here, he'd slap his head for being stupid enough to come where the guests were sitting.

Just the thought of Omar. I could feel a small smile plaster my features. He had always treated me as a young sister, even though I wasn't born from his mother's womb. Omar took it upon himself, to make sure everything was perfect for me.

Even if half of the time he was across the world. A phone call every week from Omar, asking if I was happy and whether Yaseen was treating me good. Always made my day. He was half the brother Arshad could ever be, though I suspect. If Arshad found that out he'd be severally upset.

When Naina fell down that cliff. Omar, had lost that one thing he didn't know he cared for since the beginning of time. I remember calling him, and all he could say was.

" Zee, she's gone. My Naina is gone".

I hadn't ever seen Omar so scared. So helpless, yet with the news of Naina gone. It broke him inside, and to think Omar hardly cracked a smile or even acknowledged anyone. That he could show so much emotions, was truly overwhelming.

And when, she came back. Omar was scared. So scared of losing her, and it took me everything in myself to not slap him, and tell him.  To stop acting foolish and gain her respect, by just being yourself.

In the end, love conquered and he got Naina. After putting the girl through hell and back. I can never  truly understand, why he had to marry Sarah, but then again it's Omar. No one knows what's going through that thick skull of his.

I mentally whispered, smiling softly at the thought of my Cousin brother.

" Zee, it's Khalil " Sumbal spoke beside me. Making me look up, my train of thoughts faltering. I could feel my eyes land on my sister. Seeing her wear a long yellow dress. The brown of her hair was braided to side, as the brown of her eyes shined against the dark eye makeup.

Smiling softly, I reached towards it. Feeling my hands shake. Khalil, never called anyone. He was always a reserved person. Keeping to himself yet, Omar him and I, were the closest out of all. Somehow, I understood them and they understood me, for we had all experienced the same fear.

The same horrors of losing someone, we've loved more than life itself.

" Hello?" I asked softly. Feeling my throat tighten as I heard Khalil's voice. The very voice, I had feared I wouldn't hear again.

" Aazeen. How are you?" he asked softly, yet I could hear the hollow pain in his voice. Making my breathing nervous and the images of Khalil's broken state flash before me.

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