Draco spent the days after the funeral shut up in his sons bedroom. He was unsure as to what he was suppose to do or where he was supposed to be. The only times he left the room was when he needed to use the restroom or take a shower, even then he was stoll as empty as ever. He didn't care what happened to him, he felt like he had nothing to live for anymore.

During a late night Draco sat staring at a blank stretch of wall in his sons bedroom when his cell phone began ringing. Sighing he pulled it from his pocket and put it to his ear.

"This is Malfoy speaking." He said in a deadened voice.

"Mr. Malfoy this is Anitoinette calling from Regency medical and I think you need to come in. Your wife is here and we are having a bit of trouble health wise. This could be her last night alive and we thought you might want to spend it with her."

"My wife?" Draco's eyes widened slightly as he was understanding everything. "Hermione!"

Draco hung up the phone and rushed from the room. On his way out Draco grabbed his wallet and keys. Draco rushed through the emergency room only stopping to get directions from the receptionist at the desk.

The nurse redirected him to another room in the maternity ward and he was slightly relieved when he didn't see Hermione but Whitney laying in the bed. Draco's mind altered as he realized that if Whitney died then so did his unborn daughter. He moved forward slowly and took a seat behind the bed. Reaching forward he took Whitney's hand.

"Don't die on me yet, I need you." Draco took a deep breath. "What I mean is that Trixie needs you. After all the pain your caused me in my life the least you could do is stay alive long enough for Trixie to make it safely into the world. You owe me just that much."

Draco watched the peaceful woman that lay before him. She seemed sickly ill and weak. Draco brought his hand to his face trying to hold back tears that were fighting to be released.

"You will not die on me you understand." Draco spoke to the unconscious woman before him.

Draco felt like he was getting a second chance at proving that he was worthy to have everything he was blessed with in his life. He couldn't leave this bedside because if anything happened he would never forgive himself. Draco placed his hand on Whitney's stomach before lowering his ear to listen.

"Trixie" he whispered. "Daddy is here, I'm not going to ever leave you."

Suddenly a beep sounded. It grew slower and slower before it rang out in one long tone. Doctors entered the room and began buzzing around like bees. A tall male nurse grabbed him and pulled him from the room.

"What's happening, is Trixie going to be okay?"

"Your wife has gone into cardiac arrest."

Draco looked around confused. "The baby?"

"If your wife doesn't come back then we will have to birth the baby right away."

"The baby isn't ready to be born yet, will she survive?"

"I am afraid I don't have the answers for that sir. All we can do is hope for the best."

Draco turned around slowly to watch the scene that laid out before him. There lay the woman carrying his daughter, her body lifeless. Why was all this happening to him. His innocent daughter did nothing to deserve all this.

"Breath Whitney, you owe me." Draco whispered to himself. "Breath."

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