Part 34 - Final Chapter

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**Time Skip... 5 Years later**

*Aubrey's POV*

It's been five whole years since everything happened, I can honestly say this is the happiest I've ever been. What happened in those five years huh? Oh right, well Michael and I married after the trial. My ex went to prison and trust me...he ain't getting out anytime soon. It took me a long time to get over the whole trial but once I was getting better I went to Michael and told him I just wanted to get married, so a week later we did.

I am now Mrs Aubrey Jackson, we have two beautiful children together. It was very difficult to have both of those children I must say, I almost died giving birth to my first child who is now a gorgeous four year old boy named Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, we also call him Prince. I have a two year old daughter named Paris-Katherine Michael Jackson, she's definitely a Daddy's girl.

I'm currently sitting in the patio of our brand new home we bought just outside town, it's huge! Michael wanted a big property for us four, he wanted a big house with a huge yard so we could play with the kids. I look out at my beautiful husband playing with our children, I smile at the sight. Little did Michael know, there was another little one cooking inside me. I haven't told him yet but I will when he comes over here. He must have read my mind or something, he looks up at me and smiles as he walks over to me. Paris and Prince running beside him.

"Hey baby. You okay?" Michael asks.

"Yeah Mommy. Come play." Prince pouts.

I giggle and kiss Prince's cheek, Paris sits on my lap and cuddles me. I smile and cuddle her.

"I'm fine. But there is something I want to tell you all." I admit.

All three of them look up at me, they all look so much alike it's so cute.

"What is it Mommy?" Paris asks looking up at me with wondering eyes.

"You and Prince are going to get either a little Brother or Sister in the coming months." I smile poking her tiny nose.

Prince gasps and Paris grins. Michael just grins and covers his mouth. I couldn't help but giggle at their reactions, Prince looks a little too excited.

"I hope I get a Brother!" He cheers.

"Do you now?" Michael asks him.

"Yes. It would be cool to have a little Brother, Daddy." He grins at Michael.

Michael giggles at his response and rubs his cheek.

"Did I hear that right? Did I just hear that my Niece and Nephew might be getting a little Brother or Sister?" Janet says standing at the doorway.

I look up to see her standing there with her hand in her chest.

"Aunty Jan!" Prince screams before running over to her.

"Aunty!" Paris squeals and runs to her as well.

Michael and I laugh as we watch them run over to Janet. It was the cutest thing we've ever seen.

"Yes its true, we've got number three on the way." I confirm.

"Aww congrats!" Janet smiles, making her way over to Michael and I, giving us both hugs.

"You want to play, Aunty Jan?" Prince asks her, Paris in tow.

"Sure! Mommy and Daddy could use a rest." Janet says, running out to the yard with the children.

Michael takes my hand and leads me inside, we both sit in the living room on the couch. He looks at me with a smile.

"How long have you been hiding the baby news from me?" He asks with a grin

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"How long have you been hiding the baby news from me?" He asks with a grin.

"Not long. I took a test yesterday." I confirm, smiling at his cuteness.

He nods and kisses my lips softly, I kiss him back.

"I can't believe we're having another." He says softly.

"Me neither, but I'm so happy. I'd give you a whole football team if I could." I giggle.

"Really? I'd love that!" He laughs.

I know he would, Michael loves children so much. Outside work he would always do volunteer work that involved helping children, I would do it with him when I had the time. We both made donations together to help sick children as well.

"I cannot wait to meet this little one." He smiles shyly, rubbing my tummy.

"Me too." I sigh, putting my hand over his.

*Nine Months Later...*

It was the most difficult birth of them all but our third child, our Son...Prince Michael Jackson II. He is absolutely beautiful, he is the spitting image of Michael. He's got Michael's big brown eyes, I can't stop staring at him. Due to my injuries from the accident five, nearly six years ago and how difficult all my pregnancies were the doctor suggests that I shouldn't have anymore children, having more could possibly kill me. My tubes have been tied so I can't carry anymore children, which has upset me but then again it hasn't. I am in love with my beautiful family that I already have.

I have the most loving husband I could ask for, three of the most beautiful children. My family was complete, besides if Michael and I wanted to have anymore there were other options out there. I look down at my newborn in my arms and look at his gorgeous features that resemble Michael's. I lean down and kiss his soft cheek.

"Welcome to the family. We love you." I whisper to my beautiful boy.

Michael comes up next to me, tears filling down his cheeks. I smile up at him, the proud Father standing beside me.

"Does Daddy want to hold him?" I ask.

"Yes." Michael says a little too quickly.

I giggle at his eagerness, I gently and slowly lift our newborn son up to Michael, Michael takes him carefully into his arms and holds him dearly to his body. He smiles down at him and gasps.

"You're so beautiful." He coos.

"Like Father, like Son." I smile.

Michael looks down at me and blushes at my comment.

I watch the two, everything that has happened over the years has come to this. I literally went through hell and back, all the times I wanted to give up. All the times I wanted to end everything and even myself, I'm glad I never gave up...otherwise I wouldn't have my perfect family right in front of me.

The love of my life, my husband.

My three beautiful children that I was lucky to have.

In the end, everything I've been through, it was all certainly worth it.

The End

**Thank you to everyone who read his story, I had such a pleasure writing it. I'm glad you all enjoyed it and loved it. 😊❤️**

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