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Being confronted with busying dwarves, Thorin reached out again and pulled Náriel out of the way of a pair who were carrying a large long table. She leaned forwards and watched them go. They seemed more than able to carry such a heavy looking thing. But despite of this, they still seemed to struggle carrying it. There was no one in the middle to steady the weight.

She looked over her shoulder. "I think we may be going the right way."

"I think you may be right." Thorin moved past her and led her down the corridor. More rushing figures passed them. It seemed his grandfather had already arranged many things to be delivered from Dale. Which no doubt meant that the Lord of Dale would be attending this evening too. It seemed only right for him to provide resources for them, as well as partake in the occasion too.

Hearing a familiar voice, Thorin pulled to a stop outside of a room. He could see the Elvenking, standing with a serene expression on his face. A smaller figure walked past him and took a seat.

"I do hope you don't mind the Lord of Dale attending this evening." Thrór had commented while gesturing to the seat opposite to him.

Thorin looked down as Náriel peeked around his arm. "This is rude." She commented.

Raising an eyebrow he turned and leaned against the wall. Náriel stood in front of him. "Are you not curious?"

"I do not make a habit of listening to conversations which do not involve me." Náriel said. "Because it's rude." Thorin rolled his eyes up to the ceiling. Slowly tilting his head to the side, he saw out of the corner of his eyes as Náriel peeked into the room. She couldn't help it. She seemed like a naturally curious being. So much for being rude, it made him smile lightly.

"I know this banquet is being held in your honour, but I feel like Girion should be present too."

Thranduil shook his head slowly. He seated himself, sitting straight backed he looked to the dwarf-King opposite him. "I understand completely." He said gently. It seemed the two of them where having a small break from organising this evenings event. Figures still busied about in the room around them though.

"Do you have any sons or daughters, Thranduil? Or is it only you and your niece?" A new voice asked, Thorin looked curiously to his father. He hadn't even registered his presence.

"Are we being left out of this family moment?" Náriel asked while crossing her arms loosely.

Thorin cast her a quick look as Thranduil's voice answered calmly. "I have a son; Legolas." He paused. "He is a few years older than Náriel. He's very skilled with bow and sword. He's a fine Prince, a skilled warrior and a good son." He set his blue eyes on Thráin. "He is also very loyal to Náriel. He watches over her like a brother."

"How splendid." Thrór commented.

Thranduil's eyes stopped watching nearby workers busying themselves around, and looked to Thrór. "He sends his regards, he needed to remain back home and look after the kingdom in my absence." Thrór merely nodded slowly at this being said.

Thráin sighed lightly, "She seems like a very carefree, spirited young lady."

Thranduil looked to him. "She takes after her mother in this respect."

Picking up an apple, Thrór took to cleaning it against his dark tunic. Inspecting it, he took a slow bite. "I have received word that she and my grandson have been spending quite a bit of time with each other." At hearing this both Thorin and Náriel exchanged a look.

She slowly smiled. "I'm not sure if they would approve of us if the time we spent together, was spent on listening in on them."

Thorin looked to the ground and nodded thoughtfully. "What they don't know, won't hurt them."

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