What's your story?

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What's your story?

Story .. You don't have a story. You've never experienced or gone through anything with the help of faith and family.

Raised and born in church the child of a deacon and preacher, living in a nuclear family , where love is fully shown, healthy parents, healthy you, never experienced loss or heartbreak.

No story to your name, No pain in your life game.

Sometimes you wonder why there's no story, no testimony to your face.

While there are teens just like you, living in bondage poverty and insecurity,

Girls out there ruined life passing them by, all their talent wasted.

Living naked, living unprepared.

Only living for now not the future that is very near.

Smoking that dope, leaving their bodies with no hope.

Minds possessed, creating a mess

Coming from broken homes, ruined hoods.

Teenage boys, selling that kush, pushing that weed, sniffing that hit

Depression, Anger, Rebellion, welled up in the pupil of their eyes.

Deep inside their scared guys.

Coming from one parented homes, going from foster home to home.

Dealing with life the best they can , hardly making it through the day.

Violence be killin'

Jails where they be livin'

Dope helps her cope,

Replacement of no hope.

Sex is what brings her through,

She can't handle the stress the cries

Her body is his because without him she could not survive.

Getting high is his fun,

No one was there to tell him to stop

No one there to give him love.

What's my story? I couldn't give you one.

Reach out to the lonely girls, teary eyes

Fearful boy with the gun by his side

With our love we can change their lives ..

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