it never fades (english)

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Heart beats
Faster than a running beast
Must i feel like this?
Wasting time
Just to see you smile,Even if i'm not the reason why

I remember the day you left
Thoughts are running in my head
I can't help thinking about you
All these terrible thoughts of you make me feel blue
Can't we just suck it up and make it through?
I don't know if we can,but atleast we tried too.

I hate it when you left
I've waited even if you're already in the end
'Cause i would rather beg for my chance
Than having my one last glance

I had love you through your worst
But why did you let this tears burst
And now you came up to my mind,
Like you're the greatest treasure to find

Now that you're gone
Why do I feel like I'm done?
Tears are falling, but I'm still holding
Waiting for something to happen
Like you,coming back to my arms again

Hi guys! It's been a while. Hahaha. So i've posted my first english poem now. I collaborated this poem with my best buddy so it's kinda short. Hope you enjoy it guys! Please don't steal or copy my works. You can tell me if you'll use it.

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