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Spring had arrived and the Raney family had decided to spend the day outside. Jacob Raney, his wife, and his seven year old daughter were walking through the woods, exploring almost every nook and cranny.

"Look at this one!" Estella exclaimed squatting to look a plant growing from the ground.

"It's so small," Clara Raney stated.

"Think about it, we as humans think we're so big, but we have a whole world that's yet to be discovered. But there's still a vast universe that no one is quite sure about and here we have this little plant, in the midst of infinity," Jacob said.

"It's a plant, dear," Clara added.

"I think it's wonderful," Estella said in awe.

"Merlin, she's becoming like you more and more everyday," Clara stated.

As Jacob laughed a loud crack could be heard behind them. The little family turned around to see a woman standing with a wand in her hand. She was breathing heavy when Jacob asked, "hello?"

The woman turned around, but before Estella could get a look at her face, her father immediately got in front of her and her mother. She heard the woman cackle.

"My, Jacob Raney," the woman said wickedly.

Estella looked up at her mother who had a look of worry on her face. She started to get scared.

"And look, you're little family."

"We don't mean any conflict."

"But I do, do you think I forgot the night you tried to kill me? The night you betrayed the dark lord and had me sent to Azkaban?"

"Where you should be right now?"

"I had another trial, seems they found another thing I've done. So I escaped," the woman answered twirling her wand around.

Estella saw her father reach back to grab his wand.

"Please just-"

"I'm getting bored of this conversation," the woman said with a roll of her eyes before pointing her wand at Jacob while shouting a spell. Jacob tried to shoot a spell back but was hit before he had the chance. Clara and Estella screamed. The woman laughed and raised her wand again towards the mother and daughter. Then loud cracks filled the air and numerous aurors stood around the woman with their wands raised. Dementors came down from the sky.

Estella looked to her side at her father.

"Dad," she said shaking him.

When he didn't move she shook him more and said louder, "Dad please wake up."

Clara looked at the sight of her daughter and husband and lost all air in her lungs. Tears started running down her face. She wanted to scream. She wanted to kill the woman. Her whole world stopped the moment the spell was cast. Her one true love was dead. Her daughter, who didn't know any better, was in distress. So badly, she wanted to go back to the moment where everything was perfect, but she couldn't. She never could again.

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