Intruders || Ranpo (Lime)

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A collab with my demon yanderekinks

Warning, this one-shot contains explicit content, be aware before you read.

I was about to put on a new shirt as the door creaked. It caused me to screech. "Close the door!" I shouted, throwing a pillow at the intruder.

"Oh? Hi Y/n-chan!" Ranpo casually stood in the middle of my room, crossing his arms, "R-Ranpo-san, get out!" I shouted, covering my bare chest with my shirt, "you have a nice figure~" he chuckled, fixing his hat, as he ignored my order.

"D-don't be all happy-go-lucky!" I dropped my belongings to the ground, forgetting what I was trying to cover. Then I grab Ranpo's shoulders and try pushing him out of the room. "Ranpo-saaan!" I whined. "You can't just- Wait. W-what did you just s-say?"

"You've got a nice body~" he smiled, as he looked at me with his emerald green eyes, "I-I.." I started blushing, as I pushed myself into his chest, in an attempt to hide my chest, my breasts squeezing together against his tall chest.

Ranpo glanced down for a short moment and noticed the cleavage, of course. A slight hue of red rose to his cheeks. "Y/n-chan?" He asked in a softer tone and looked down at my face which was buried in his shoulder.

I glanced up at him, a blushing girl came into his view, "y-yes?" She murmured. The slightly taller male looked down at her, the detective revealed a soft smile, making me melt.

All Ranpo could do was put his hand on her head and blink a couple of times. "Why..are you doing this?" He asked, still taken by surprise. The girl blinked, looking at his
co-worker with innocent eyes, "maybe.. because you're warm.." she held her head down, mumbling into his chest.

Ranpo chuckled, feeling deeply moved by this little confession. "You could've put on a shirt though." The black-haired detective spoke unusually soft and wrapped his arms around her.

"Don't tell me you did it on purpose, Y/n-chan~" Ranpo said in a teasing manner, making the girl blush and glare, "I would not do such things and seduce males with my body!" She glared at him, "What about me then?" He asked the girl, as if it's the most casual thing to ask.

"I-" she tried to answer, yet no answers came out, all of a sudden Ranpo pushed his lips onto hers, taking her off guard, then she started to accept the kiss, as Ranpo's warm hands explored her curves, oh how he had been yearning for this.

"Be mine?" He looked at the small figure, resting his index and thumb to hold her chin up, as his glasses were raised low, the girl blushed, while a dumbfounded look was on her pretty little face, making her look cuter than ever.

"Y-yes.." she looked down from embarrassment, but also didn't care, this man was her beloved! Who cared if they collided?

Ranpo shot her a thanking smile, as his lips met her neck, the sweet smell of cologne made Ranpo eager for her flesh, he wanted to explore her body, but he knew he had to wait.

She huffed quietly as Ranpo's tongue went over her collarbone, making her toss her head back, oh how he loved those pure sounds,
his tongue traveled to her chest, making her gasp, as her breasts jolted.

She gave the man a gift of her own that day,
Which was her virginity...


Had to finish the collab by me self ;^;

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