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I was sitting next to Ross,Red,Barney,and to my left my mom. Then Max's mom walked up to say some words.

"My son Max had an effect on people. I never knew where it came from until my mom died. He got it from her. The effect was he can make so many people happy. You see my mom and him they were like best friends. He didn't have a lot of friends as a child. When she died. He lost everything. "She paused. Then looked at me.

"Freshman year a kid named Adam moved here with his mom. No one would be able to separate these two. Either Adam at my house. Our Max at his house. Then something happened. Wasn't until this year they started talking to each other again. "She smiled.

"Then my son died from what's called a Broken heart syndrome. It's where heart strings can break. After something bad happens. Before he died a few days before I should say. He had to do something to Adam. And it broke his heart. "She said.

"Now Adam I think he would have wanted you to say some words"she said. I walked up there and hugged her. I looked at everyone. "I loved him not only as a friend but more. But I was barely there. One day he got beat up cause of me. I found him behind a building. Crying for the first time. "I paused.

"I hugged him for the first time. I told him I'm here. Then he said for how long though. Then he was in the hospital. Then now. I broke his heart. "I said.


I look at his grave

Max (middle name)(last name)
A boy with a broken heart
I sigh. "So you going to the party tomorrow. Amelia said you should"Ross said. I nodded. "Yeah. I guess I should"I said. He smiled. "Good cuz red has something for you tomorrow "Ross said walking to Lila. I smiled.

"Cool"I whispered.

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