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Hey ho a rant five years later-

WARNING: For those who haven't played the game and are planning to, as well as the people who are currently playing it and haven't finished it yet, I HIGHLY SUGGEST NOT READING THIS RANT, AS IT WILL HAVE SIGNIFICANT MAJOR SPOILERS TO THE ENTIRE PLOT OF THE GAME.

*Just adding this in: I'll create a separate rant about the Christmas DLC. THREE WORDS: CUTE AS HELL

For those of you who haven't played the game and aren't planning to anytime soon, you can read this but I'd suggest checking it out. Its a really good game and the plot is actually really good for an otome game. In fact, this game is a great intro to the otome genre.


Now that's out of the way, THIS GAME IS AMAZING. Truth be told, I've never played an otome game before, so this game is literally my first intro to the genre as well. (BTW, Midnight Cinderella is exactly what I expected out of an otome game. Its so mindless in how girly it is....but that's another story XD)

I did Jaehee's route first and IT WAS ADORABLE (How I got her first when I was aiming for Zen is way beyond me)


Zen is cheesy as hell tho like oh my God. Although that what makes him endearing. And I wanted to smack his brother all the way to the end of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Yoosung is me. End of story. His entire college life sadly pretty much sums up mine tbh, even though I commute from home XD

Jumin.......Okay, I originally wasn't looking forward to his route given the backlash but once I actually got onto it, I just felt really, really sorry for him. Like he has to deal with his father's love life, who has now dragged his son into it by engaging him to one of his girlfriend's students, in addition to dealing with the judging eyes of the environment he grew up in (even the RFA for that matter) and a whole lot of other emotional problems.



And side note, while I get why everybody hates Rika to the core, I can't really hate her as much as the rest of the fandom does.....and I don't think we should necessarily blame everything that has happened solely on Rika.

The fandom as I say this:

(I know what you're about to type right now but trust me, I have a pretty good argument for this

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(I know what you're about to type right now but trust me, I have a pretty good argument for this. Whether others have said the same thing is another story.)

Now, while I previously wanted to beat the shit out of her the first time around, having calmed down a week after I finish the game, I'm able to look at the bigger picture of the story with a different perspective as I take everything else into account.

Because here's the one detail I think we're all forgetting as a fandom: she's been dealing with an mental illness and crippling depression all her life, and no one, not even her own adoptive parents, tried to do anything about it. Yoosung had no fucking clue due to the fact that Rika hid it from him but even he got that something was off and tried to help her as much he could despite his limited knowledge about her mental state back then. V tried to but eventually went to the "I'll love all of you, including your depression" bull and while that is sweet, YOU COULD HAVE HELPED HER OVERCOME IT GODDAMNIT.

And because of the fact that no one couldn't or deliberately didn't seek help for her, add paranoia and delusions to the mix and you got yourself the leader of Mint Eye.

I think she's guilty as much as you do. I'm not condoning the things she has done. Brainwashing Saeran, as well as others, is not something to be overlooked, even if it was done in a delusional state. But let's be really honest here, V is a good person, as is Rika. V hid secrets from the RFA because he felt that he wanted to preserve how the members see and think of Rika. It's not a good decision and dare I say it, pretty damn stupid. But love makes us do stupid things, and I do get the reason why. Also, it is shown that Rika can be a caring person seeing as they both saved Saeran and Saeyoung from their alcoholic bitch of a mother. It's just that delusion took over and she did somewhat come back into reality once V was killed, albeit now traumatized to the point of being barely able to speak.

For real tho, had V taken the proper steps to make Rika go see a therapist, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE FUCKING HAPPENED. I mean, his love and dedication for Rika is something to be admired but in the end.....he's just not that good at making decisions like???????

By the way, seeing Yoosung taking care of Rika with little success in having her talk was heartbreaking. Yes, I fucking teared up. You can see Yoosung clearly trying and it hurts him to see Rika like this. When you think about it, next to Saeyoung, Saeran and Jumin, Yoosung's the one who's been hit the hardest by all the crazy shit that has happened. I mean, you can argue that it's just as hard for Jaehee and Zen, considering that Zen is the one who warns Yoosung that something might happen to Rika and manage to send her away to Alaska. But let's be real, Saeyoung and Saeran were the ones who were saved by Rika and V and the most involved with Mint Eye, Jumin and V were childhood best friends, and Yoosung is Rika's goddamn cousin.

I think it's safe to assume that the ones who were there at the scene and were directly involved in the climax were the most affected.

Whelp, that's it for now. XD As I finished writing this rant, I find out that Cheritz (the company who made this wonderful game) released a Christmas DLC. I'll create a separate rant fangirling over it as I try to take my mind off the fact that I can't watch the final episode of Yuri!!! On Ice until this evening (the wait as well as Viktor and Yuri are going to be the death of me).

What do you think? Comment below and let me know! Sayonara! :D

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