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I woke up the next morning to my alarm, naming its seven am. I sighed and turned it off. I got up and walked into Luke and Jai's room. "Jai" I whispered, shaking him slightly.
"Lyric, what are you doing up so early?" He sat up and rubbed his eyes.
"Can you make me breakfast? Luke said yesterday that you're good at cooking" I said.
"Sure" he yawned and I pulled him out of bed. We walked downstairs and I saw a note that Gina and my Dad had gone out for the day leaving us alone.

"So, what are you good at cooking?" I asked him and pulled my vest top up a bit since it was revealing at the front.
"Anything, what do you fancy?" He asked.


"Sure" he chuckled and I watched as he cooked. His back muscles tensed and fuck, he looked like a good.

He is your step brother, Lyric, stop.

"So Lyric, is lot are going penny boarding later, wanna come with us?" He asked.
"Yes of course, do you have a spare board?" I pondering.
"Beau does; he'll let you use one" he smiled and then piled some pancakes on two plates and sat opposite me.

"Wow Jai, these are really good" I smiled and scrolled through my phone.
"Jai you cunt where's mine?" Luke groaned and sat next to me, stealing one off of my plate. I rolled my eyes and he placed his hand on my bare thigh. I froze slightly but then carried on eating until I was done. I went to stand up but Luke pulled me back down and picked up my plate for me to take out.

I then stood up again and hugged Jai, "thank you for that, it was so good" I said.
"No problem" he rubbed my back and I pulled away.
"I'm going to get changed, don't come in our room!" I called out and ran upstairs.

I locked our bedroom door and quickly got changed. I changed into a black bralet and a white skater skirt. I heard someone clear their voice behind me and Beau awkwardly stood there.
"I didn't want to wake you so I quickly got changed here" I said and he nodded. I sat at the desk in the corner and done my makeup. I put on a layer of foundation and then set that with some translucent powder and then filled I my eyebrows. I contoured, blushed and highlighted my face before putting a transition shade in the crease of my eyelid. I done a small flick on my eyelid and layered my lashes in black mascara. I put on a nude lipstick and then straightened my hair. I put on some socks and then my combat boots.

"Do I look okay?" I asked Beau.
"Y-yeah" he stuttered.


We ended up skating around Melbourne for a while and it was honestly so refreshing. "Is there any ice cream shops by here?" I asked Jai. He nodded and grabbed my wrist, pushing me behind so he was at the front, leading the way. "This will do" I told Jai and stopped in front of an ice cream truck. I ordered a lemon ice and stood to the side to wait for the others to catch up.

"Would you like to take a picture for Instagram?" I looked to my left and saw Luke talking to me.
"Sure" I smiled and stood beside him, doing the peace sign with my fingers as he snapped a shot.

"Excuse me, are you Lyric?" A boy with blonde hair and dark brown eyes asked me.
"Oh yeah, I am" I smiled warmly, "what could I do for you love?" I asked.
"Can I have a picture with you? Me and my sister watch your videos a lot" he said.
"Yes of course" we took a few pictures and I recorded a video for his sister called Georgia.  "I'll see you around" I told him and got back on my penny board, skating back home with the boys.

"Why don't we go to the beach?" Beau suggested as we got to his front door.
"But that's effort" I groaned.
"Please" he pouted.
"Fine, but let me get ready" I sighed and walked upstairs. I quickly changed into my bikini and the door flew open.

"S-sorry" Jai stuttered.
"It's fine" I chuckled, "can I wear one of your t-shirts?" I asked. He nodded and ran to his room, coming back with a Nirvana one.
"Thanks Jai, you're the best" I kissed his cheek and threw on the shirt with a pair of denim shorts. I removed my makeup and decided to leave my phone here on charge. I walked out of my room and downstairs after changing my shoes to some sandals.

"Ready to leave?" Luke snapped me from my thoughts about when Calvin is coming down.
"Uh, yeah" I said and followed them out into the car. I sat in the back next to Jai whilst Luke called shot gun. Me and Jai spoke about Nirvana and all that shit.

"So, do you like this Calvin dude?" Jai asked me.
"He's just a friend, I swear" I covered my face to hide my blush.
"Well you seem to like him a lot, it's cute actually" he chuckled. I smiled and Beau said we were almost there. Once we arrived, we set up our spot on the beach and Luke took some pictures of the shore and everything.

"Jai can I borrow your phone please?" I fluttered my eyelashes. He chuckled and handed it over. I signed into my twitter account quickly and followed each of the boys, who were verified like me. "Wow Jai so many girls nudes on your phone" I said jokingly.
"I know right" he rolled his eyes, "what are you doing on there anyway?" He asked me.
"I just followed you guys from my twitter" I smiled and gave it back to him.


We spent a while at the beach and I was determined to stay for the sun set.

"Lyric, stand there" Luke pulled me up.
"What? Why?" I furrowed my eyebrows.
"It'll be your new twitter icon, the sun set is perfect for a picture right now. Do a pose of something" Luke said. I raised my left hand into a peace sign and pouted slightly, just so my lips looked a tiny bit fuller. "Great" Luke smiled after he snapped the photo. I pulled Jai's Nirvana too over my body and climbed onto the rocks to get a better view.

I sat cross legged and stared off into the horizon. All of the beautiful colours bled into one another and soon, all that was left was a dark purple colour. "Guys we should get going" Beau shouted out. I carefully got down from the rocks and slipped on my jeans and shoes.

We walked back to the car and this time, Luke sat in the back with me. I picked up his camera and looked through the pictures he took. "DM me theses on twitter and I'll have one as my icon, okay?" I smiled.
"Okay" he smiled.
"Beau can we stop off at McDonals, I'm starving" I over exaggerated and laid my head on Luke's lap so I could lay down.
"Yeah alright" Beau said and turned a corner.

"Calvin messaged you on Twitter" Jai said.
"What did he say?" I asked.
"Look" he passed me his phone and I scrolled through.

LeafyIsHere- even though weed is shit, man it does the job.
Me- and why would you be doing weed, Wank stain?
LeafyIsHere- Keem Drama.
Me- fuck that guy, hurry up and come Aus!!
LeafyIsHere- I will, speak later. I need to make a video on this shit dude. It's so fucking out of hand. Apparently I'm bottling subs?
Me- lol wtf. I'll look foreword to at him that, see ya, yeah?
LeafyIsHere- yeah, by Loser.
Me- Bye Dick.

I passed Jai his phone back after I had signed out from my account. "He's just involved in a lot of YouTube drama" I told him whilst Luke threaded his fingers through my hair; it felt nice.
"Do you do drugs?" Jai asked, "with Calvin I mean" he added.
"Yes" I replied, "it eases the pain" I smiled to myself.
"It's bad you know" Luke added.
"I don't like doing what people advise me to do. It adds to the thrill, you know, bro" I said with a smirk.

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