|[ prologue ]|

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"Want to keep your girl? Respect her, care for her, love her, tell her she's perfect, make sure she knows how you feel about her and always give your attention to her."


Just because of that we're over?

Wow. She's really one sensitive girl...

Why did I ever I love her...

She's so simple...

So effortless...

So pathetic...

And so frivolous...

"There can be no love the same as your past. You may love more than your past or less than your past."

"So you're saying I can love someone more or less than before?" 

"Exactly. But first, be strong and move on, it's time for you to be happy again."

"I can still remember how happy we were when we were still together..."

"I would do everything just to make you happy..."

"Can we start over again? Do it right this time?"

"You don't really need someone to complete you. You need someone to accept you completely."

"I understand..."

"Just remember that something good will happen after bad things."

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