Chapter 1

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hey so I've decided to write a one Direction fanfiction :) I've hand written it and am typing it up on iPod so excuse the mistakes :S enjoy! <3

Chapter 1 

Emylee's POV 

16 finally! I grinned. It still hadn't sunk in as I pulled on my new White studded dress that I'd bought especially for the meal and club tonight. I had already done everything else so I just had to wait for Cosette, Estelle, Cyrah and Khloey to arrive so we could leave in the, can you believe it, limousine! At that very moment there was a knock on my door. 

'Come in,' I called and Khloey strolled into my room wearing an absolutely gorgeous strapless dress. It was purple and clung tight to the waist where it fell gracefully to mid-thigh. We hugged and sat down while we waited for the others.

I had met Khloey when we were only three unlike Estelle, Cyrah and Cosette who didn't become my friends until I was 12 at least! Speaking of...

Cosette skipped into my room, pecking us both on the cheek. 

'Hi hi,' she chirped, she always was the slightly giddy one of the group! Khloey was funny and a laugh, I wad dependent and supposedly smart, Cyrah thoughtful and kind and Estelle, well she was like me in the way that she always crushed on the newest boyband was kind of celebrity crazy! We really had a lot in common!

Cosette's style matched her personality. She was also wearing a strapless dress, hers was sapphire blue satin with a layered skirt and bow waistband. 

'You look gorgeous!' I smiled 

'You too,' she grinned back

After a text from Estelle came through, saying she'd meet us at the restaurant, Cyrah arrived in an amazing yellow dress, she was possibly the only girl who pulled off yellow so well. This dress had one-strap with a flower on it, a bright yellow waist with silver beads and a skirt made of layers of chiffon. Amazingly gorgeous!

We strutted outside in our heels as the limo pulled up and our parents sniffed and took pictures, pose after pose as they spoke about how we grew up too fast. With a laboured sigh from us all, we were finally ready to set off with our mums shouting after us to stay safe. Parents! I sighed and we giggled, this was going to be so much fun...

We met up with Estelle at the Italian restaurant. Turns out her little brother had stolen her new silver shoes and she couldn't find them anywhere but she finally did. They went perfectly with her red cross-over dress with a randomly gathered skirt, the bodice studded with silver gems. When the initial greetings/screams were over, the meal was quiet, obvious that we were all waiting for the club...

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