Chapter 20 - Let the party begin

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One hour till the sleepover. As I get ready I was really nervous. One reason was the “Dodo-Zayn-Thing”. I hope that everything will work like we planned it…. But what will we do if it doesn’t?! Okok, keep calm. Everything will be good at the end…

Another reason was the parcel. What will the others say about it? But how can I show it them without that Liam and Zayn will see it? Or is it time to tell them the truth? I must ask the others.

After I get dressed and packed my things, I was ready to go to the sleepover. The drive didn’t take long and so I arrived at first at the boy’s house. They welcomed me with a friendly hug and led me inside.

“I get no kiss?” Harry asked cheeky. I kissed him passionate.

“Get a room.” Niall said. I showed him my tongue.

“You can put your things into my room.” Harry said.

“Ok.” I replied.

As we were in his room, I closed the door behind us. “Inside this bag is the parcel.” I whispered and laid it into the back of the room. “You know our plan?” I turned around and looked at Harry who still stood near the door. “Yea I know. Hopefully it’ll work and they’ll be finally a couple. If not I’ll tell them something…” He winked.

“Ok, so this will be our plan B.” I smiled at him.

The doorbell interrupted us. It was Nicola. “Hello love.” I welcomed her with a hug.

“Hi, am I the last?”

“Nono, Dodo isn’t here yet.” I answered.

“Did you invite also someone else?” Nic asked Liam.

“Nope.” He said popping the p. “Let’s go into our lounge.” He gave me and Nic one arm. “Such a gentleman.” Nic said and giggled.

After they gave us a drink, the doorbell rang once more. I looked at Zayn. “I’ll open the door.” He said. Liam and Niall followed him.


I stood in front of the door and waited that someone will open it. Zayn was the one who did it.

“Hey sweetie.” He welcomed me and hugged me.

“Hi Zayn.” I said and gave him a kiss on his cheek. As I looked over his shoulder I saw Liam and Niall staring at us. Especially Niall.

“Hey Liam.” I hugged him. “Niall.” I nodded in his direction, because I didn’t know if I should hug him…

Katia and Nicola walked between us. “Hello Dodo.” They said and hugged me. “Remember the plan, at the end of the sleepover he’s yours.” Katia whispered into my ear and Nicola smiled confident at me. I quietly sighed.

“Wanna drink something?” Zayn asked me.

“Yes please.” I replied and gave him one of my cutest smiles. From the corner of my eye I could see Niall looking from Zayn to me and back. He seemed to be confused. Everything is working like we planned it so far.

After we all sat down and get a drink. Nicola asked the boys what we’ll do today. “Well we thought of some games we could play and we also could watch a movie and order pizza.”

“Erm… which games do you boys wanna play?” Katia asked.

“You’ll see.” Harry cheeky said and winked at her.

Harry turned around as Louis shouted: “I fancy a game of Truth or Dare!”

“Me not.” I said.

“I’m one of the host and so we’ll play it. Or boys?” They nodded with a cheeky smile on their lips.

Fantastic! This will be only embarrassing.

“I’ll go first since it was my idea.” Louis announced after we all sat down in a circle. He leaned forward and spun the bottle. As it comes to stop on Harry, who sore out loud, Louis rubbed his hands together and laughed. “Truth or Dare Mr. Styles?”

“Well I thought I start of easy with Truth.” He said.

“Alright, so how are things between you and Katia?” Katia blushed as Harry glanced at her.

“Everything is perfect.” He said and kissed her.

“aww cute.” Louis interrupted them. “It’s your turn now Harold.”

Harry grabbed the bottle and jerked it slightly. As the bottle spun slower, it eventually came to stop on Nic. “So Nicola, Truth or Dare?”

Nicola took a moment before answering. “Dare.”

She must be crazy, I’ll never pick Dare.

“Well, what can I dare you to do?” He thought a moment about it. “Okay, I dare you to spin yourself 6 times around and then you must try to walk one time around the sofa.” He laughed.

Nicola stands up and spun herself. She tried to walk, but the only thing she reached that she stumbled and fell down. “My head is spinning.” She said. We all must laugh. “Yea, we can imagine it.” Harry replied. “When you can, jerk the bottle please do it.” After a few minutes Nic did it.” I watched as the bottle spun and landed on Liam. She smirked at him and roses her eyebrows. “Truth or Dare Liam?”

He looked at her and puffed his cheeks out. “Dare.” He responded.

“Okay. I dare you to kiss Niall.” Seven heads turned towards her in shock. “What! I’m a Niam shipper and you can kiss him on his cheek.” She said.

It was a quick kiss. “So short?” She said. “That’s enough.” Niall replied.

“Anyway, it’s my turn now.” Liam spun the bottle and to my pure luck, it landed on me.

Note the sarcasm…

“Dodo. What shall it be today? Truth…” He paused dramatically and turned his head to stare at me. “Or Dare?”

My opinions:    Truth -> get mocked for being a wimp.

                        Dare -> get naked, kiss someone, take top of, etc.

“Truth.” I said.

“Alright wimp.” Liam said.

Didn’t I said it?!

“I get to ask you several questions, because you didn’t choose Dare.”

“Fine.” There wasn’t any point in arguing.

“Three questions. First, do you have a crush?”

Niall. – “Yes.”

“How long do you know this so called crush of yours?”

I thought back to the fist time I saw Niall on the TV. It was as he applied for the X-Factor. So… a bit more than 3 years. “Erm, I believe 3 years.” I looked out of the corner of my eye and noticed Niall staring at me.

“Kiss him.” My eyes grew wide and my mouth dropped as his words.

Why is he doing this?! To embarrass me? For me to be rejected by Niall? Because he sure as hell knows it’s him by now.

“That’s not a question.” I said, staring at my hands.

“Lie!” My conscience exclaimed.

I looked at Katia. What should I do?

Kiss Zayn or Niall?

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