Chapter 20 - Let the party begin

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The man gave me a small parcel. “Can I’ve your signature please? It’s for the proof that you have receive the parcel.”

“Sure.” I signed and gave him the pencil back. “Thank you.”

“Have a nice day. Bye.” The postman said and walked back to his car.

I closed the door.

“Harry! Do you know how much you frighten me?”

“Sawry. I haven’t seen who it was, so I overreact…”

“But that shows how much you care about me.” I smiled and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

“I need to protect you.” He whispered and kissed me soft on my lips.

“Wanna open the parcel with me?” I asked.

“Sure. Let’s do this!” He imitated Niall.

“Haha ok.” I laughed. He grabbed the parcel and ran into the living room.

“Hey Harry! It’s mine!” I shout and followed him, with a smile on my face. I get a knife from the kitchen to open the parcel.

“Who is the sender of it?” I asked as I bend my knees next to Harry.

“I don’t know. There is no name on the packaging, maybe it’s inside.” He replied.

We opened the parcel. On top laid a letter.

Dear Katia,

Probably you’re wondering who could send you this parcel. Am I right? (;

I’ll tell you… it’s Alec. The guy who met Doreen’s parents in India and help them to find Kim.

I want to update you, so I made many pics the last few days and dedicated to send them to you.

Why I didn’t send it to Doreen? Because Kim is your cousin and I think you should be the first one who get the news.

On the back of the pictures I wrote what it shows and some information what happened there.

Of course you can show them your friends.

Hopefully we’ll talk to Kim soon… and get her and her real dad together.

If I’ll get some news I’ll tell you.

When you have some questions, you can call me or write me: 064857…..


Till then

Alec xx

After I finished reading I gave the letter Harry. While he was reading, I looked at the first pictures. On everyone was Kim. There was one pic which kept my attention. On it was Kim. She stood in front of a huge house, I think it was the hotel she stayed in. But this wasn’t what caught my attention, it was her expression. She looked worried, but also nervous…. She was on the phone. To whom did she speak?

“Katia?” Harry’s voice interrupted my thoughts.


“Have you seen what stands on the back of the letter?!

“No, show me.” He gave me the letter.

I think I’m in love with Kim…

I looked at Harry in shock.

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