Less than Full episode 1 part 1

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Less than Full episode 1 part 1

Int. A dusty warehouse – Early Afternoon

Victor Zorina, mid 30s, walks through the receiving dock aisles looking at the various pallets of merchandise with RF Scanner on hand. Johnny Torres, early 20s, the receiving clerk opens up a cardboard box with a box cutter. He begins to count the items, then scratches his head.


Hey Victor, this shipment isn’t right? There should be ten of

these cans in each box, not eight?

Victor looks up at the warehouse ceiling and sighs in disbelief.


Oh, you got to be kinding me. They always send us the wrong amount.

How come it’s not on the paper work? Tape it back up and put a sticker on it.


Okay boss, whatever you say. But this is gonna mess us up on our numbers.


What are you talking about, it’s not, just put a sticker on it.

Victor scribbles something in his clipboard and walks away. Johnny gets a orange sticker from under his work station and peels the “Less than Full” sticker off the sheet and carefully places it on the box.

Roll opening credits.

Int. Receiving Office – Afternoon

Victor is on the phone at his desk taking a phone call and scribbling a note to himself about a parent/teacher conference he must attend later that day for his son.

Ext. Warehouse Loading Dock

A truck slowly backs up towards the loading dock, from the outside, various forklifts and other equipment can be seen moving about inside the busy warehouse.

Int. Steel Shipping Container

Eddie Brackwil, early 50s, is sitting on the forklift, ready to unload the pallet and load in the receiving lane. The two lumpers Frank Chan and Donald Ramirez, both early 20s, are standing around talking to each other.


You know what I hate about these containers, the smell. They always stink, plus it’s always dark inside when we’re working, even if you shine that light on in here, you can’t get no decent lighting.


Oh, quit complaining you big baby, the boss told us we got to finish this one, and start another before three.


Are you kinding me! There’s just the two of us lumping this thing and you’re

supposed to help palletize too, not just sit on that forklift, like it’s your throne, your highness!


Yeah man, who do you think you’re trying to fool, huh buddy! Get off that thing and give us a hand.

Eddie angrily pulls the forklift out of the container and begins to drive towards the receiving office.


What got into him, Eddie knows that telling on us is just going to get him in trouble, plus, we didn’t do anything wrong. If anything, we should be the ones calling him out, not the other way around. But I don’t play that mess.

On his way towards the front office, he sees Johnny at another door and Johnny nods at him.


Oh boy, he sure doesn’t get it.

Ext. Victor’s Home – Livingroom

Sarah Zorina, Victor’s wife early 30s is on the computer looking at a website about brain tumors. She is silently crying.


Why God? Why me? Why now…

Her cell phone rings and she picks it up.


Yea honey. No, they still have to run a few more tests, but it doesn’t look good… I’ve been looking at these different websites about the type of can..

Sarah begins to cry again.


Whoa, whoa.. We talked about this, right, babe. You’re not going to do this to yourself. I’m not going to let you worry about this, until we know for sure.


It’s just that my Aunt Jenny had it, and my grandmother too!


Hon. What did we say in Pastor’s office yesterday. We’re not going to speak darkness over this situation. (beat) You know you need to get off that computer and you and the baby need to go out for a walk and get some fresh air. Alright? If you are going to read something, pick up your word.


You’re right. I’m not going to worry about this. I’ll see you tonight, love you.


Love you back, babes.

Sarah hangs up the phone and walks away from the computer screen.

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