Part Twenty Four

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Nico felt strange, watching the blade rush towards him as if in slow motion. He could not tell by then to where it was aimed, and what it may hit, not even after it disappeared from his line of sight. Even moments after that, he could not feel a thing. Had the blade missed him after all?

But the looks of his accomplices as they stared at him with certain horror told him otherwise. After a split second of hesitation, he turned his head to look down upon his hand. His eyes fell upon a the street light glancing upon a scarlet shape of his hand.

The thought of it panicked him. "Blood."

It seemed to have taken the verbal announcement for the unnatural numbness in his arms to dissipate, directly followed by a wave of an unholy and painful throb coming up his arm, completely consuming his thoughts.

All he could feel at that point was a searing, blinding pain and nothing more. Oh, it hurt alright.

He vaguely sensed Walt rushing to his side and removing his arm from against the wall. He felt the knife clatter to his feet, wet and dismissed of use.

"Hold still." The taller boy's voice came in a buzzing muffle, and it felt like eternity before Nico interpreted its meaning of such a simple statement. "This may hurt, but it should help stop the bleeding."

A charm was thrust around his neck. If he was supposed to feel an additional sting, it was apparent that the pain of the wound was much too strong for him to feel any lesser pain at all.

Jordan stooped to retrieve the bloody knife. Nico noticed the skewered string on the tip of the blade. Jordan removed it, relieved.

"It's still intact!" he exclaimed.

"Too late," came the hissing voice of the blade-bearer, dangerously closer than before.


In truth, pain is hard to describe. I believe I have failed.

And, uhm, Naoki Urasawa's Monster is outstanding. If you agree, I believe we'll get along just fine.

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