"LORELEI!" I yelled, hoping she would hear me from the bathroom we shared

"What do you want, Avee?" She asked, bounding into the bedroom.

"Can you help me unpack?

"Fine," she said with a grin as she grabbed a pair of my sweats and put them in drawer.

"So what's up? How are things with West-"

"I knew I heard my name! What's up ladies?" West asked, opening the door to Lorelei and I's room. His room was right across from ours.

"Just unpacking. How did you get done so quickly?" I asked him.

"Haven't even started. Cole is unpacking me now I think."

"West! He's your mentor, not your butler!" Lorelei told him, laughing.\

"Eh. So where are your mentors?"

"They went to spy on the other 2 contestants in this wing, and figure out who they are," Lorelei said, an evil grin on her face.

"Wow, you have an evil side, don't ya?" West asked my sister with a scared look in his beautiful green eyes.

"Ha, you don't know half of it!" She smirked.

"Um, is she always like this?" He asked, turning to me.



"Hey, we're back! We figured out who is living in this wing," Makenna said, walking in.


"Raeven and Tram, the young kid and the creepy kid." Cathy answered, walking over to the sofa, where West had already plopped down.

"Eh, they're ok. Better than Eavesdropper Girl. We should call her Eg for short." West concluded.

"Not happening." I responded, grinning.

"Didn't think so... it was just an idea, anyways!" West defended himself.

"Yeah, 'course it was." I walked over to the sofa and sat next to him, smirking on my way there.

"So what do you guys want to do now?" Lorelei asked as Cole walked in.

"Let's finish putting stuff up, then we can go outside and go swim, sound good?" Cathy suggested.

"Sure! Are we allowed to?" I asked, looking at Cathy.

"Yeah! The whole place is open to us, besides for the middle. It's already 2, which gives us time to swim before the 7 o'clock dinner." Cole answered.

"Let's start unpacking!" I shouting, and soon we were done packing and in our bathing suits.

The pool was huge, bigger than my house back home. 

"Cannon ball!" West screamed, jumping into the pool, and splashing us with the cool water.

I smoothly dived in, and splashed Makenna and Lorelei with water as soon as I popped up. Wrst joined in, and soon everyone was wet.  The mentors jumped in, along with Lorelei. It felt so good to be in the water, I used to go with my father to the beach before he died.

"You look really cute," West whispered to me as he swam over to where I was.

I was wearing a blue bikini with yellow polka dots, and my hair was loose and in waves down my back. I had only had on some waterproof mascara, not my usual makeup.

"Thanks, you don't look quite bad yourself." I replied, grinning.

He was wearing just some green shorts that matched his eyes. He looked really hot in them.

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