Fly Angel, Fly Chpt. 2

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Chapter 2

"Hello Avery, I am not kidnapping you just preventing you from making a mistake." Nick states. 

"Where are we going?" I begin to have pain in my stomach from when he threw me over his shoulder. 

"AVVVVVERRRRRRRYYY!" A voice screams from a distance." 

"Look I'll let you go but you can't tell him that you're his guardian angel." Nick pulls over and looks back at me.

"Mhmm, okay" 

All of a sudden Colton breaks the door open. "Avery, are you okay? And who the hell are you!?" 

"Nice to meet you my prince." Then Nick's gone. I turn my head to Colton. Nick is right beside him. 

"I will only ask one more time. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" 

"I'm Nick." Nick says calmly, not nervous at all. 

"Why in the world did you take Angel for?" Angel, I like the sound of that. 

"Have you heard of royal angels?" 

Colton nods his head. "Yes," 

"They sent me to take Avery to them but only for a little." 

"Oh, I'm sorry for interupting please forgive me."

"You are forgiven." A scrol appears in Nick's hand. He reads it. "I've been informed that I can take Avery  another time and that I am needed somewhere else. Bye,"

"See you later Nick." I speak. Nick starts running, his wings appear, and then he flys into the endless clouds. "Ahhhh," The pain in my stomach hurts even more now.

"Avery what happened, wait Avery! NOO!-" It's too late I already threw up on his shirt. The pain in my stomach quiets down.

"Sorry," I mutter. Colton pulls off his shirt, leaving his undershirt on. 

"It's alright. I'm okay. Just worry 'bout me some other day." 

"I'm still mad that you lied to me though." 

"What do you mean?" 

"Next in line for alpha, I see" 

"They wouldn't let me tell you! I wanted to so badly. Please, Angel..." He puts his finger under my chin forcing me to gaze into his dreamy eyes. Wait... I said dreamy but I don't like him. Then why do I think his eyes are dreamy? I am so confused with my emotions.

"No!" I slap his hand and walk away.

"Angel, please don't do this to me." He catches up with me. "And I thought I was lucky having you as my mate." Colton mumbles to himself but I still hear. 

"What? You didn't say anything about me being your mate!" 

"I'm not for sure but I feel fuzzy inside when I'm around you. I never feel that way towards anyone else." Colton explains. 

"You should ask your parents for advice because I am not accepting if it's true!" I change into my angel and fly.

"You didn't tell me about you being an angel!"

"I just found out today jerk!" I fly to my spot in the woods. Lucky enough for me I didn't drop my ukulele when being put into the car. 

Once I get there I play a different song. 

"A drop in the ocean 

a change in the weather

I was praying that you and me might end up together

it's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert 

but I'm holding you closer than most 

cause you are my heaven"

I really don't feel like singing the rest so instead I just play the ukulele. 

"I heard what happened. I'm sorry for leaving when that happened." I look up abruptly to find Nick. 

"It's okay and it's not your fault. 

"I know but I feel bad. Also if you like Colton we can cancel our date."

"No, no, I am mad at Colton right now and I want me and Colton to be friends. nothing more,nothing less."  

"Ye- I mean okay." I burst out laughing. His face is a tomato.

"Nice red face," Nick's face burns even more. 

"I'm glad to see your amusment." He states as his face is normal again. "See you later at six!" Nick shouts running off. 

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