game #2

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hinaturtle inhaled and exhaled the memes. it twas his second soccer game. he was determined to win this and fuck naegi after the game in the locker room.

sayakazoo poked naegee's shoulder. "u aight bruh?"

hagakure handed them both weed.

"but...this is a yellow crayon--"


naegi directed his attention to hinatit, clutching the yellow crayon in his hand. "fuck me daddy until my face falls off."

sayaka gaspooed. "u liek hinatad?!?!??!"

"ye m8" naegi blooshed.

hinatriangle lookd ovr @ nagi and winked...

ok,,, he blinked, but nagi counted it as a double wink.

the game startd. iruma threw a purple crayon at ibuki and knocked her off her feet. lol.


i'm so tired rip

the ndrv3 & dr3 cast will be making an appearance ur welcome

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