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*warning graphic violence and sexual content if you are not comfortable don't read it*


I can not believe he came back in my life claiming I took his son. I had Yevonny on my lap.playing with him when flashback started coming to mind


   I walked up to the empty house it was dingy and old the paint peeling off. I knock not knowing what was on the other side but I didn't care as long as I got what I wanted. I knocked and waited a huge guy in black comes to the door. He was new I knew it. 

"Name and what you want" he stated with a deep creepy voice.

"tell Noah its me Jezzy he knows me." I say which was right. At this point I was a stripper and he came to my club often. Why a stripper well because it was the only job that didn't ask to many questions was I proud of it no but hell you gotta do what you gotta do. I only did it because the money got me a hit when ever I needed it. The big guy comes back to the door and lets me in. The floors are covered with people passed out on the floor either dead or sleep no one knew. I was escorted upstairs to the his room. I came in her had strippers and prostitutes. He sees me and makes them get out I was confused on why he did that but I didn't care. 

"Jezzabelle baby you want another hit?" he ask. I frown.

"What else wopuld I be here for?" I ask, He chuckles.

"But I only got half today business is slow at the club but I can pay you double next time" I lie. Knowing damn well I wouldn't  especially since my sister found out about my habit. She caught me by suprise at my house. We got into a full on argument and she brought up my mom's death which pushed me deeper in a depression so I used more to self medicate myself. 

"Said that last time Jezzabelle" he says. Shit.

"well what else can I do I really need another does withdrawal is starting" I say. Speaking truthfully too it had been 2 week since I had a dose I usually shoot up at least 3 times a week.

"Well I can give it to you free of charge" he smirks waving the drug in my face. My heart started to thud. 

"What else do you want I know you dont give shit free Noah I know you" I say.

"You can give me something I've wanted since I first saw you" he says. I heisate.

"What?" I ask knowing it was the worse question I could of asked.

"You can give me that p-ssy let me fuck you and you can have it" he says with a devilish grin. I think on it looking at him and the drug.

"Okay" I say signing my soul to the devil right them and there. He get on the bed moving closer to me.

"Dance for me first" he says and presses a button on a remote that bring down a stripper pole. It wasnt like it was my first time doing this I had done it plenty of time before. I sigh. He starts the music and I start dancing and stripping. I close my eyes so I don't have to see him stare with lust that make my very stomach quiver in disgust, By the time I was done he was on hard. I saw it and almost wanted to throw up. I got on the bed and laid back while he grunted and groaned inside me. I lie there think what the fuck has my life come to. I closed my eyes hoping this was a dream that would end and I would wake up with my mom and family back together. But not all dreams come true. Once he was done he got off me and put his clothes on and threw me the drug. I wasted not time to grab a belt and find a vein once I injected it my mind went blank I felt the fire build up in my vein and spread through my body. My mind was fuzzy I laid my head back on the headboard.

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