My stupid, evil, hot, sexy... step brother? Chapter 10

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Here we go... chapter TEN! OH and by the way... there are drugs, alcohol and sexuality SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! (Yea, I know you were all waiting and praying for this to happen... perverts... XD

Kelsey and Ava headed in the car, and I awkwardly followed them, kind of unsure if I should do so or not. Where they inviting me with them or not? Oh well. Never the less, I was in the back of their SUV, playing with my hands.

"Katherine, we're going to my house for a change of clothes," Ava said, turning around and looking at me. I nodded my head at her, feeling better someone was talking to me. What's wrong with me? I'm acting like a shy freak, and the thing is, I'm the most confident girl in school, and one of the most popular girls too! Nixon has to STOP getting under my skin. I grit my teeth and try to let at least some confidence leak through my shy persona.

I toss my dirty blonde mane of hair to the left side of my shoulder and suddenly wonder where we're going after the quick stop at Ava's house. I said we should do something daring, but I never really found out what they had in mind. "Where are we going, anyway?" I suddenly ask, two question marks forming in my eyes. Kelsey begins to tell me without turning around from the driver's seat, "Oh, we're going to One Wish." She says, as if that explains everything. Well, it would if I knew what the hell she was talking about. "Huh?" I ask, sounding pretty stupid.

"You'll see hun." Ava says and winks at me, smiling like a Cheshire cat. She didn't seem too sinister. She actually reminded me of a Chihuahua, barking until she fell over. I didn't think we would get into too much trouble, at the time.

We stopped in front of Ava's two story house, which was modern and filled with glass walls and pristine white furniture and paintings. "Alright, let's go upstairs and get dressed to PART-AY!" Kelsey screeched, getting into the spirit of it. "You need to change too," Ava calmly spoke to me. I looked down at my evil hello kitty shirt and skinny jeans. "What's wrong with what I have on now?" I asked, getting sort of offended.

"Nothing, it's just, we're going to a club, and all I want is for you to look your best!" Ava cheerfully explained, and then proceeded to drag me to her bedroom upstairs by my elbow. Ava picked me out an outfit, and I got dressed in it without really looking at it, and then Kelsey helped me with my makeup, because unlike most girls I can actually put makeup on without my friend doing all of it. I finally looked in the mirror and gasped. I was wearing a little dress that was tight and black; it was elegant but definitely had a "Come hither," Look to it. My makeup was classy, I was wearing a pale foundation and had dark red glossy lips and smoky eyes, but not out of proportion smoky.

I'll admit it; I really had no clue why the girls were doing this for me. I hadn't spoken to them in years, and even then it had just been the subtle "Hi," and "Bye," I wanted to ask them, but I didn't want to come off as nosy or untrustworthy.

"Thanks guys!" I smiled at them. I just want to get my mind of... everything! I need to go crazy and have FUN. Kelsey and Ava are now dressed, so we quickly make our way out of the door to the SUV parked near the sidewalk. The sky has turned a deep rose color, and right at the edges it was beginning to turn a dark lavender color. I pulled the leather jacket I was wearing closer to my body, and my nose began to cool as I took in a breath of lightly icy air. I was all too happy to get into the toasty SUV.

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