Day 38.1

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SEPT 10 • SAT • 01:36 AM

Harry : I'm working, Jia.

Harry : Did you turn off the lights again?

√ seen by Jianna

Jia : Yeah. 😛

Jia : Sleep.

Jia : Don't die tonight.

Jia : You can resume to kill yourself to exhaustion tomorrow.

√ seen by Harry

Harry : I'm not killing myself.

Jia : Don't tell an obvious lie.

Jia : Sleep, Harry.

Jia : Or I'll come out of these quarters and pester you personally.

√ seen by Harry

Harry : You should just let me be.

Jia : Yeah. I should.

Jia : I could, actually.

Jia : It's supposed to be easier to leave you alone than to act like a damn nanny all the time.

Jia : I won't have to concern myself about what you do.

Jia : Or whether you are taking care of yourself.

Jia : It's supposed to be easier to ignore you.

Jia : But why can't I?

Jia : Do you want me to come out and test a theory I have with you?

√ seen by Harry

Harry : No.

Harry : I'll sleep.

Jia : Good.

Jia : Don't bring paperworks to your quarter.

Jia : You know I'll check on you.

Harry : I won't.

Jia : Don't transfer to other labs, too.

Jia : You're going to scare the tech.

Harry : I won't, Jianna.

Jia : Good.

• 01:41 AM

Jia : Sleep, Harry.

Jia : Goodnight.

√ seen by Harry

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