12. a beat-up benjamin

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Jay smiled again, "If you want."

"Well, I really do want to. But first I have to know if that's okay with you...?" Carlos trailed off, hoping for an answer.

Jay looked at him, an eyebrow raised as to show interest, "Is this your way of asking me to be your boyfriend, Frosty?"

Carlos shrugged and tilted his head to the side at the same time, "Maybe. Why? Is there a possibility you want to be assured before you say yes?"

Jay snickered, "Who said I was gonna say yes?"

Carlos's smile dropped.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Yes, I'll be your boyfriend, as long as you'll be mine."

"Well, fucking obviously."


They arrived at school some 15 minutes after their little talk, got out of their car with their backpacks already on their shoulders. When they realized that no one else was outside of the school building and they were already an hour and a half late, they started running toward their class, but stopped when Jay pulled Carlos back.


"It's 8:29, class ends at 8:45. So that means if we go to class right now, there'll only be 16 minutes left. And if that's that, what's the point of going?" Jay asked, still holding onto Carlos's forearm.

Carlos raised a brow, "So what do we do?"

Jay looked around the empty halls and pulled Carlos to what seemed like a janitor's closet.

"What are you doing? What if the janitors' in there?" Carlos hissed, still being pulled.

"We'll go to a different closet, then."

Jay opened the door and looked inside, smirking first and then pulling Carlos in.

"Jay! We're going to get in trouble!" Carlos said, voice normal once they were inside. Jay ignored him, though, and closed the door, making sure to lock it. The long-haired teen turned around and took a step close to him, grabbing him by the waist and closing the space between them.

Carlos grabbed at Jay's cheeks again, dozing off into his eyes, lips parted open as they studied eachother helplessly. Jay kept on flicking his gaze from Carlos's eyes to Carlos's lips, getting momentarily distracted time by time.

Soon, they got bored of staring at eachother and went to press their lips against one another's. Jay grabbed at the back of Carlos's head, pushing their bodies closer together. Carlos moaned as Jay turned them around, pinning him up the wall and grabbing at his wrists to stop them from wandering Jay's torso.

"Shouldn't we check if there are cameras in here?" Carlos whispered, a brooding expression on his freckled covered face.

Jay shrugged and leaned in closer to Carlos's lips, "Why would there be cameras in here? It's not like the janitor would jack himself off during his lunch break."

Carlos giggled, a cute smile plastering itself on his face. Jay laughed along with him, then released a hot breath that hit Carlos's face, causing the boy to back up against the wall even more, now going on his tippy toes.

Jay interlaced their lips once more, loosening his grips on Carlos's wrists and instead moved them down to his shoulders, then snaking them to his waist, where he proceeded to grind against Carlos's hips, earning a low moan from said boy.

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